Day 86- Danger Will Robinson!

OK, I am dating myself! I am a fan of the ‘original series’ Lost in Space. When I arrived at the Reese Reunion Sunday and gazed at the food tables, the first thought that entered my mind was that famous line the robot would say in the show “Danger Will Robinson!” I knew I was going to be OK, but the past eat-fests did enter my mind!

Well, I weighed in at a 55 pound weight loss this morning! The danger is over for now. Double nickels, as truckers would say, has a nice ring to it. Maintaining my weight loss and actually losing weight over this past weekend is another challenge faced and won in my book.

I am now working on educating myself on nutrition. I plan to work toward a sports nutrition certification and continue to look at how I can best set myself up for success in this journey to me.

As always, Loving Life,
Fat Guy

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