Wellness or Treatment

Your choice!

I was blessed to be invited to attend a Blue Zones presentation for Charleston SC by Dr. Susan Johnson of MUSC. Hearing the presentation hit home with me as they have sought out the healthiest communities in the world to see what works for them. As you know, I am always looking for wellness and what works for ME! They are now taking what they have learned and helping communities in the US move toward health and wellness and away from obesity, treatment and disease.


Obviously, Blue Zones focus on wellness resonates with me. I am a walking billboard for someone that lived through treatment for far too many years. In 2009, I was taking 7 different drugs and using a CPAP machine just to survive. I was basically at the water line of life just keeping my head above water. I hated where I was, the drugs, the CPAP machine, and everything about how I felt.


Since my focus on wellness, starting in March 2009, I lost 150 pounds and worked to learn more and more about wellness and living my life in a state of wellness. As I have continued to learn and grow in wellness some wonderful things have happened in my life. I’ve ditched the 7 drugs and CPAP machine! I feel phenomenal and I am in the best health of my life now, 61 years old. I’ve done as many as 1,000 pushups in a workout session and 150 reps of local high school stadium bleachers. And, my life expectancy has moved from 64 to 96 with a great quality of life. This is just a little about how wellness has changed my life!


The way I feel and the distance I’ve traveled from treatment to wellness continues to astound me. I wish I could somehow show you or make you feel how I felt in 2009 and how fantastic I feel now. I cannot even put a number on it. My wish is that everyone gets the opportunity to live in wellness and to feel great. Each of you deserves that opportunity.


Here is the kicker. I can talk to you about the possibilities and help you with the journey. Blue Zones can build in the opportunities in our community and bring the resources to make the change. BUT, you must choose to take advantage of the opportunity they offer, or I offer. You must choose to travel the journey. Blue Zones can build the structure and work to move the needle, I can coach you and provide direction on your journey, but YOU must choose wellness, YOU must decide YOU are worth it!


NOTE TO ME AND YOU:  Your Choice! Wellness or Treatment! YOU are worth choosing wellness and traveling the journey.

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