DAY 88 and feeling great!

Yes, I had to say it! DAY 88 and feeling great!

Please join me on the countdown to my 100th day. It is fast approaching. I have made it to this point by making the most of each day. You cannot do it a week, a month or 100 days at a time. You have to value each day and each moment. I have learned a great deal along the way and have done my best to pass along any thoughts or strategies that are working for me and might work for someone else.

Oh, and I weighed in at 292.6 this morning, down 58.4 pounds for the journey to date. I wish I could bottle how I feel at this point and wish I could have bottled how I felt at 351 plus pounds. I could set the two bottles aside for those days that might be tough, then open them to remind me why I am on this journey that will carry me the rest of my life. If you are on a similar journey or thinking about taking one, take a minute to truly assess how you feel at the beginning of your journey and then at certain points along the way. It should give you an edge reaching your life goals. I know it has given me an edge.

Loving Life!

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