2017, WHAT A YEAR!

Believe and Achieve

2017 was a great year and another turning point for me. It was a year of self-evaluation, self-determination, prayer, commitment, gratitude, love, and amazing opportunity. It was a year that will make me smile for a long long time!

The journey to 2017 was tough, rocky and filled with struggle. I struggled with the aftermath of my car accident in April 2015. The neck, shoulder, and back issues wore me down and dealing with the insurance company was/is an ugly experience. While I tried to stay in bounds, I saw my weight rise to 260 pounds in January of 2017! This is a very short version of pre-2017 events and circumstances.

In January of 2017, I committed to a major reset. While still dealing with issues related to my injury, I worked to find a path out of where I was at 260 pounds. The 260 pounds became overwhelming and brought back the hopeless feelings I had experienced at 360 pounds in 2009. These feelings were scary, but made me understand something about myself and many people I had talked with about my journey over 8 years. When you head down the road of hopelessness you start thinking ‘this is it, I can’t get out of this hole, it’s just too deep’! I’ve seen it in me and many others. It is not a good feeling.

So, I decided to set a course ‘out of the fire’ and work to help others do the same:

  • I committed to follow my nutrition plan to work toward the results I wanted and knew I could attain. I did this with the amazing Nutritional Cleansing system of Isagenix and the great products they provided for my journey.
  • I committed to trying to find some way, some path to deal with my pain and injury.
  • I committed to figuring out ways to get my exercise routine on track while being mindful of the restrictions my injury had placed on me.
  • I committed to the Isabody Challenge and becoming Isabody Champion.
  • Most importantly, I committed to ‘taking care of ME’. I committed to putting my head and heart in the game and totally committed to reaching my goals.

In doing all of this I want you to know ‘YOU CAN ESCAPE THE DEEP HOLE OF HOPELESSNESS’. If you feel like you cannot climb out of that hole, I am telling you, YOU CAN! Get your head and heart aligned and committed to getting out and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Things I have accomplished this year since getting my head and heart aligned have been:

  • I was gifted with the opportunity to write in a book ‘A Journey of Riches-Personal Changes’. Many thanks to Casey Plouffe and John Spender for this opportunity! My section is titled ‘Hopeless to Amazed’.
  • I was able to lose 43 pounds from January to December and totally retool my body! Thanks to Total Gym, Isagenix, Dr. Hunter, Dr. Llop, Alvie Shepherd, Isabody Challenge, and more recently, OrangeTheory thanks to Chris Spina, Julie Thomas, and the great coach/trainer, Keith Hardwick Jr      
  • I was fortunate to have a good friend/lawyer, Joe Epting, deal with the insurance company! Thanks buddy!
  • I was able to become a contributing writer with Oblique Magazine of Charleston. This came about because of a chance conversation with John Di Giovanni in Starbucks in August. I thank him for allowing me to bend his ear that day and then inviting me into his magazine.
  • I was able to get back into speaking with the SCSNA conference in October thanks to Todd Bedenbaugh and my brother, Walter Campbell! (This leads into an appearance in Georgetown County this month!)
  • And the most important piece for me is helping more and more people find physical and financial freedom through Isagenix and our HIA Team. Thanks to Casey Plouffe, our team, and Isagenix for EVERYTHING!

Last thing! I believe! I believe you can do anything when you commit your head and heart to the goal. I believe I can do anything when I commit my head and heart to the goal. I believe in God, I believe in ME, I believe in family, I believe in country, and I believe in YOU!

Note to Me and YOU: Believe and Achieve!




PS 2018 is gonna be one kick ass year for me!!

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