2017 REBOOT!

An Amazing Year!

I am not proud of the picture in 2016. I am proud of the fact I kept facing forward and kept getting up. After being hit by a car on the day of my mom’s funeral in April 2015 things starting going south. Injury, pain, and uncertainty took me from the weight loss and fitness journey I treasured to struggling to stay in bounds. The only thing that kept me from going back to the 360 pounds I knew in 2009 was Isagenix. After a 20 month struggle, I refocused, recommitted to me and in January 2017 at 260 pounds I REBOOTED!

I recommitted to a daily strategy of my wonderful nutrition system, Isagenix, and my very convenient Total Gym Fit. During my REBOOT I was able to gain some traction on my injuries and pain with two of my doctors.

With my commitment and the additional support of my Isagenix team/family, 2017 has turned into an amazing year! I am down 45 pounds and in better health and fitness than ever.

I was asked in an interview last night “what are you grateful for?” I am grateful for my journey, my relationship with God, my wonderful wife, my family, my Isagenix team/family, Total Gym, and anyone/anything that has added value to my life.

Now I am on a mission to show people they can change their lives and find their way to fitness, health, and wellness. I am on a mission to win the Isabody Challenge. I will help turn around the obesity epidemic in our country!

Note to ME and YOU: Never give up, never give in!




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