I AM TheFatGuy-TheFitGuy-TheBEAST

I have transformed my life and I can help YOU do the same!

I’ve traveled an AMAZING JOURNEY since March 2, 2009 when I lost over 150 pounds in 363 days! I transformed my life. I have hit all of the bumps and twists in  the road of weight loss and fitness you can hit. I am now taking that knowledge and experience, combined with the knowledge and experience I gained during 2 careers, to do what I do best……….. HELP OTHERS!

2009 to 2018 :   I have discovered the fountain of youth!










    2009     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>       2018

I can help YOU on your journey: through my FREE on-line book, Coaching, nutrition support or by starting your own business. I can be the secret to your SUCCESS. I love helping people!

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