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I had to get a dental post on Tuesday of this week. I was prepared for it (not the cost) because I had lost the structure of one of my molars under a crown several months ago, evaluated several options with my dentist and periodontist, and decided the post was the best course of action. As I have gotten older and a little wiser I chose to not play tough guy and went for the higher level of sedation. Yep, don't feel nothing and don't know nothing!

The procedure went well. The doctor and staff were great. I had a number of drugs in me to include prednisone. I also was on a IV drip for about 90 minutes. That day I went home rested, took in about 1,000 calories in cool liquids, and just chilled with my dogs.

Woke up Wednesday, hopped on the scale thinking I would be lighter. Well Hell, I was almost 5 pounds heavier! TheFatGuy had forgotten about the prednisone and IV fluids and the effect it would have on ME. I had read all of my literature dutifully about the procedure and recovery but missed any notes about significant weight gain. I did see a note about "this is no time to diet". My wife, a nurse, reassured ME that the prednisone, IV fluids, and swelling caused the spike. I felt a little better but not great.

This morning, I feel great! I am back on track and back to the pre-surgery weight. Actually I am recovering a lot quicker than I thought. With my health at an all time peak, nothing seems to keep me down very long. I rebound so much quicker and easier now. I am very fortunate to have find MY journey  to health, wellness, and fitness.

I guess I almost over reacted to the weight gain. I have worked so hard to retool and redirect ME this year that I got shook a little. Every once in a while I get this picture of ME returning to MY habits and size of 2009. I think that picture popped in my head Wednesday morning. It is a picture of someone I remember but not someone I wish to revisit. The anxiety and fear only lasted a short while but it was real.

I am sitting here smiling now because: I talked to my wife that day, I refer to my log when I get worried or stray, I pray for guidance, and I keep a picture of who I was and who I am nearby at all times. The bottom line is I view MY journey as a treasured gift. I realize there will be 'bumps' in the road but I will work to grow and share my journey. Little reminders of who I was and who I am are a good thing!

Note  to ME and YOU: Always focus on the journey you want and need in your life!


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