JOIN TheFatGuy to get kids MOVING MORE!! Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic WE CAN CHANGE IT!

Youth Marathon 12-13 eAs most of you know by now, TheFatGuy is passionate about fighting obesity and passionate about helping our youth have the opportunity to live happy healthy productive lives. So it only stands to reason that I am gravely concerned about The Childhood Obesity Epidemic! I have volunteered with Youth Programs for most of my life and left a 28 year career to head a youth serving organization for 3 1/2 years. I am also TheFatGuy that knows what it is like to be, well fat! Extremely FAT/OBESE!

While watching my own weight bounce around for 33 years of my adult life, I also have watched many children I care deeply about struggle with obesity and the issues that come with it. Obesity is a national issue housed in millions of personal struggles and stories. My own struggle peaked in February of 2009 at 360 pounds and very tight 54″ waist pants. Those pants not only held 360 pounds they held a multitude of health issues. The issues included, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, asthma, migraines, sleep issues, back/neck issues, and more. After losing 150 pounds over the next year  I came off of 7 different medications and am now in the best shape of my life. Anyone that thinks weight does not cause health issues is fooling themselves. You only have to look at the health I have regained at 56 years of age to see what proper weight with a good diet and exercise can do for your health.

WHAT CAUSES CHILDHOOD OBESITY? It is quite simple, Childhood obesity is the result of eating too many calories and not getting enough physical activity. We can debate who takes the blame but the equation is simple: too many calories in and not enough used through MOVING MORE.

MY QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU: Do you want our children growing into my size 54″ pants and accumulating all of the health and life issues that come with those pants? My wish for you and the children in your life is that you find your journey to health and fitness and that you help the children in your life develop healthy lifestyle habits.

MOVE MORE: I have one tool that can help you start a child’s journey today. You can participate in the Youth Marathon Program that is part of the Charleston Marathon. Basically, a child/teenager walks or runs 25 miles between now and  January, on the afternoon of January 17th all of the children come out to do their final 1.2 miles with us at the Marathon finish line in downtown Charleston at Burke Middle/HS, where they will receive a Marathon medal and shirt based on the race guidelines. IT IS ALL FREE for our kids! To get more info about the Youth Marathon program you can go to and click on Charleston Youth Marathon Program on the left side of the page.

Fight Childhood Obesity in September (National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month) and year round. Don’t let our children grow into my size 54″ pants. Have them take a step in the right direction with our Youth Marathon Program.

Mike Campbell, TheFatGuyTheFitGuyTheBEAST

Volunteer Director of the Charleston Youth Marathon Program

Youth Marathon Program Basic Information:

  • Join us at Burke Middle High School on January 17, 2014 as we watch hundreds of our community children run on portions of the official Charleston Marathon course.
  • Registration will begin at 2:00 p.m. Run begins at 3:30 p.m.
  • We will have a family fun area with refreshments, local sports characters, bounce house and more!
  • Each child that participates receives a commemorative medal and a Charleston Youth Marathon T-shirt.

The Charleston Youth Marathon Program was developed for the benefit of our community children in the Charleston area. The goal of our program is to:

  • Educate parents and children about the benefits of physical fitness
  • Encourage children to participate in a physical activity on a daily basis
  • Help children make smart choices to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle now and into adulthood


  • The Charleston Marathon Youth Marathon is open to all children ages 7-17 years old who are in good health.
  • The Youth Marathon is a modified marathon, which means your child can run or walk 25 miles prior to race day, and then complete the final 1.2 miles on January 18, 2013.
  • Once a child is registered they can log back into their online account to complete their training log each time they walk/run. You can also print out a copy of the 2013 Charleston Youth Marathon Log below and manually log miles. Each child must log 25 miles by race day in order to participate in the final 1.2 mile leg of the Charleston Youth Marathon.
  • The Youth Marathon is free and every participant will receive an official Charleston Youth Marathon Medal and Charleston Youth Marathon t-shirt when they turn in their logged miles. Every youth that registers online will have access to sponsor promotions and coupons that we will have online.

Champions come in all shapes and sizes:

·         In schools we have had a custodial staff person run the program, PE teachers, nurses, volunteers (parents)

·         Parents and families have picked up the program

·         Kids have focused on getting the program moving

SC Facts about Childhood Obesity

During the past few years, the rising level of obesity in our country has become a well-known problem. Overweight and obese adults are at increased risk for diabetes, hypertension, stroke, certain cancers, heart disease, high cholesterol, gall bladder disease, sleep apnea, depression, osteoarthritis and asthma. Obesity rates in South Carolina have more than doubled since 1990, with almost two-thirds of our adult citizens considered overweight or obese. In addition,

  • In 2009, South Carolina had the 14th worst overweight or obesity rate in the nation. Three out of every five South Carolina adults (nearly 66%) are either overweight or obese. Twenty-nine percent are obese.
  • Of those South Carolinians who are overweight or obese, 37.5% have high blood pressure, 11.7% have diabetes, and 5.1% have coronary heart disease.
  • The economic impact of obesity and overweight population in terms of illness, diseases and lost productivity is significant. In 2003, obesity-related medical expenditures for adults in South Carolina total over $1 billion, with over half of the costs being financed by Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Nearly one third of high school students (31%) in South Carolina are overweight or obese.
  • Approximately one half of all African American children in rural areas of South Carolina are overweight or obese.
  • If current trends continue, one out of three children born in the year 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes primarily due to poor diet and lack of physical activity.




State-level Statistics

·         THE PROBLEM

o    • Almost 1 in every 3 (31.7 percent) S.C. high school students are overweight or obese.

o    • Studies have shown that obese adolescents have an est. 70-80% percent chance of becoming overweight or obese adults3.

o    • 85.3 percent of S.C. high school students had not eaten fruits and vegetables five or more times per day within the 7 days prior to the survey1.

o    • If current trends continue, one out of three children born in 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes, primarily due to a poor diet and lack of physical activity4.


o    High Blood Pressure Sleep Apnea

o    Asthma Poor Self-Esteem

o    Depression Type 2 Diabetes



Time Crunch Workouts from 10-15 minutes from TheFatGuyTheFitGuyTheBEAST

What CAN you do in 10-15 minutes!? A Lot!

  • FIRST, Re-think your mindset! Don’t hold out for the gym or another time. Use the time you have. 10-15 minutes is better than NO minutes! I know, I started with 10-20 minutes at 360 pounds and now I am as healthy and fit as I have ever been at 57 years of age! (I’ll be 62 this May 2018)

    Jan 2018


  1. Walk, jog, run, sprint (Doing sprints in intervals during a jog has become one of the more popular ways to get the benefits of both sprinting and jogging. It’s also a great way to burn a lot of calories by altering your workout slightly.
  2. Keep bands with you! Bicep Curls, back, chest, shoulders, triceps (I will bring some bands) They Are easy to use and change from exercise to exercise.
  3.   Outdoor Workout:

§  1 minute: Warm up with a brisk walk

§  1 minute: Speedwalk

§  1 minute: Run

§  1 minute: Jumping Jacks

§  1 minute: Speedwalk

§  1 minute: Run

§  1 minute: Jumping Jacks

§  1 minute: Run

§  1 minute: Jumping Jacks

§  1 minute: Sprint

§  1 minute: Walk at an easy pace to cool down

  • For a good leg workout you could walk steps or bleachers and do single/double leg standing calf raises on the edge of a curb or step.
  • For a strength-focused workout do pushups (different types), squats, lunges, step ups, dips, tricep pushups, planks
  • A Quick workout is a good way to combat that Blah feeling and get you back to your peak to for a better work or play day.
  • Change intensity, variety to spice up your 15 minutes
  • Some links to help you:

o   Quick Fit 15-Minute Exercise Program

o   15 Minute Total Body Boot Camp

  • I have a Total Gym at home that has an amazing number of exercises you can do for your entire body in under 15 minutes. Below are links to some info about these routines.

o   5 Minute Total Gym Workout and more

Stop thinking about what you can’t do and start working on what you can do!

Note to ME and YOU:  Just MOVE MORE!! Starting with 10-15 minutes each day could end up changing your life. It changed mine!


Midyear Checkup 2013 (a little late)

PushupI have seen some friends post notes about their journeys recently that say things like, I had a bad day, I ate too much this weekend, I am not doing as well as I like right now. The one things I have seen from ALL of them is their ability to refocus and commit to their journey! I applaud you all for your wonderful journeys and much needed inspiration for me and all. You inspired me to do this midyear checkup!

Now, time for some accountability and a little rerouting from TheFatGuy! I have not blogged much so far this summer for several reason, most importantly it is the first summer in years my wife and I have been able to spend time together! We needed it.

Midyear Grade time:

  • Moving More/Exercise: B
  • Eating Smart/Diet: D+

Yep, the first half of this year has been a ‘test’ of my new habits versus 53 years of developing unhealthy/bad lifestyle habits. I started the year at a number over 240 pounds (which was a number I was not planning to reach!). I was 242.6 pounds on January 1st of this year and planned to slowly bring my weight back down. I found over the next months that I was quickly able to bring my weight back into the 230s and keep it there but was not able to bring it down further. I allowed a number of things to move me away from my healthier habits. Some of the things that moved me away from ‘taking care of ME’ were:

  • Building/toning muscle: in an effort to build and tone muscle, I had allowed my weight to go up over the course of 2012. This effort would not have been bad if I had kept a little more control on the ‘weight gain’. I did build and tone muscle!
  • Dealing with loss. I did not deal with loss very well during the first half of 2013.
    • After about a year of helping take care of my mother-in-law, she passed away in late February of this year. This was preceded by almost 2 years of going back and forth to the upstate of South Carolina from Charleston to help take care of my father-in-law. So, for the 3 years prior to February, Polly and I had gotten in a routine of traveling back and forth to help take care of her parents. This was something we wanted to do and loved to do. This was something that brought memories to us that will be with us forever. This was also something that I see in me and so many of us. Polly and I had gotten very good at taking care of and loving her parents, but had fallen back into some familiar, not so healthy habits, and had not done a good job taking care of ourselves during this time. This all hit us between the eyes when Polly’s mom passed. We went from being a little out of bounds to a little out of control after her mom’s death. The habits I had worked so hard to develop over time had slowly started to backslide over a year or so, and with my mother-in-laws passing the good habits seemed to disappear for a short time. Polly and I have talked about this and are now making course corrections in my/our journey.
    • I lost a very close friendship. My friend did not pass away, but he did some things that destroyed our friendship. I will not give details of this, but I will tell you I take friendships very seriously and this person abused our friendship in ways I cannot begin to tell you. It had more of a negative impact on me than I realized.
  • Logging: I decided during the course of 2013 I would work away from logging daily! This may not have been the best time for me to have ventured down this path. Logging regularly may have helped me get a better quicker grip on things.

Well these are 3 main areas that took me off course a little during the first half of 2013. The result was my eating habits were not as disciplined. That is why I get the D+ here.

  • I ate sugar and at times ate way to much sugar, especially during my week of Camp Kemo in June when I ate anything and everything. Love the kids, but hate the fact that I can’t seem to do moderation well!
  • I turned a bit of a blind eye to portion control and eating schedule which had been all too important to me.
  • I/we ate out TOO MUCH!!

But, my exercise habits did not go out the window! I get a B there.

  • I kept up with a decent exercise routine during the first half of 2013, working out 5 or more days a week.
  • My Total Gym XLS kept me in a zone to continue to focus on muscle tone and building. I kept it easy by following the routines on the cards that come with the machine.
  • I competed in a PushUp fundraiser to challenge myself> 5 pushups every 20 seconds for 30 minutes!
  • I would have gotten an A, but I feel I did not do a good job with my cardio work.

So with all of this I ended up at 248.2 on July 5th. NOT GOOD. The good news is I am already back under 240 and working on some things to keep me in bounds and traveling MY journey on MY terms!

Note to ME and YOU: The main message here is, I ‘allowed’ this to happen! I know there may have been some tough times and circumstances, but I allowed it to happen.


My next blog: Bad midterm grade, so what are you gonna do about it?

For those of you that faithfully follow me on my website!! It’s time for…..

For those of you that faithfully follow me on my website!! It's time for ME to show YOU what I have been working on for quite some time. It is MY story!! You can get it FREE at  . Just put in your email address and hit Subscribe on the linked page! You will get 'Fat Guy Diary: Out of the FIRE!' in an ebook for FREE. It will also transfer you to my new email list for updates and newsletters!

I hope you enjoy reading the struggles and triumphs of TheFatGuy. AND I hope it helps you or someone you know start their journey NOW!

Always Remember to Take Care of YOU!


Post about a Post

I had to get a dental post on Tuesday of this week. I was prepared for it (not the cost) because I had lost the structure of one of my molars under a crown several months ago, evaluated several options with my dentist and periodontist, and decided the post was the best course of action. As I have gotten older and a little wiser I chose to not play tough guy and went for the higher level of sedation. Yep, don't feel nothing and don't know nothing!

The procedure went well. The doctor and staff were great. I had a number of drugs in me to include prednisone. I also was on a IV drip for about 90 minutes. That day I went home rested, took in about 1,000 calories in cool liquids, and just chilled with my dogs.

Woke up Wednesday, hopped on the scale thinking I would be lighter. Well Hell, I was almost 5 pounds heavier! TheFatGuy had forgotten about the prednisone and IV fluids and the effect it would have on ME. I had read all of my literature dutifully about the procedure and recovery but missed any notes about significant weight gain. I did see a note about "this is no time to diet". My wife, a nurse, reassured ME that the prednisone, IV fluids, and swelling caused the spike. I felt a little better but not great.

This morning, I feel great! I am back on track and back to the pre-surgery weight. Actually I am recovering a lot quicker than I thought. With my health at an all time peak, nothing seems to keep me down very long. I rebound so much quicker and easier now. I am very fortunate to have find MY journey  to health, wellness, and fitness.

I guess I almost over reacted to the weight gain. I have worked so hard to retool and redirect ME this year that I got shook a little. Every once in a while I get this picture of ME returning to MY habits and size of 2009. I think that picture popped in my head Wednesday morning. It is a picture of someone I remember but not someone I wish to revisit. The anxiety and fear only lasted a short while but it was real.

I am sitting here smiling now because: I talked to my wife that day, I refer to my log when I get worried or stray, I pray for guidance, and I keep a picture of who I was and who I am nearby at all times. The bottom line is I view MY journey as a treasured gift. I realize there will be 'bumps' in the road but I will work to grow and share my journey. Little reminders of who I was and who I am are a good thing!

Note  to ME and YOU: Always focus on the journey you want and need in your life!


That Magic Button

"There's my magic button!" Is what I hear when I see people looking for that perfect exercise program, the transformative piece of equipment, or quick & easy diet. Now is a good time to talk about this with ME and YOU.

We are at January 24th in the not so New Year and a whole mess of people have made resolutions to lose weight, get fit, exercise more, or transform their body. And many of these people have invested billions of dollars on that one thing that will change their life forever. We see the commercials ALL the time. Some are 30 second quick hits that catch our eye the third or fourth time we see it and some dedicate half hour infomercials to promoting their 'life changing' product. They must work because they have these people that say how 'easy' it is and how quickly we will become the 'New You'.

You cannot see it, but at this point in the blog I have a huge smile on my face as I do any time I stumble on one of these TV ads. To begin with, the ads that have someone talking about losing 18 pounds just make me laugh out loud. 18 pounds! Really! While I am happy for the individual that needs to lose 18 pounds and does it, that just does not resonate with TheFatGuy. Then we have the spots that promise results from using a specific ab machine 5 minutes a day and presto chango you are a hunk! And I love the commercials that say, "You don't have to change ANYTHING you are doing now, just take this pill or drink this shake once a day and the pounds will 'fall off'. I could go on forever with the endless bombardment of companies selling us that 'magic button'. It is SOOOOOOOOO easy, just push this button and you will be all better. Actually, better than better, you will be the next male or female model of the year. WOW!

OK, now we are asking TheFatGuy to come back to earth. Earth to TheFatGuy, "get down here, now."

I'm back! How many of us have invested in something like this in the New Year or at any time? How many of us are still using the 'magic button' we purchased to transform us in the New Year? How many of us have gone to a yard sale or thrift store and seen all of these magic buttons on display in all-most new condition? You know, the piece of equipment with the clothes hanging off of it or the DVD set that holds all of those life changing routines on it.

Now think about this. The fitness and exercise industry makes a ton of money on US. Why? Not because all of these things are so successful, but because we all want to find that magic button that will fix what ails us. Many of us are willing to push button after button to find and make that change. We will spend as much money as it takes to purchase the change we need. Do you ever hear ANY of these ads touting the high percentage of people that have changed their lives because of their product?  Sure, there are a handful of people that have made a change, but how many people that buy it make the change? 80%, 50%, 10%, or maybe less than 1%? I am thinking less than 1% applies to many items or programs.

Now, do me a favor, find the nearest mirror. Come on you can do it. Look in that mirror really hard, …………….  I mean really hard! I promise you the 'magic button' is in that mirror. No really, it is there.  Before you look outside of you, look inside of you. What do you want to do? What do you want to be? What are you willing to do to make a change you need to make? Push that button inside of you that makes the change YOU want and need.

On the first day of my journey I made a commitment to 'take care of me' so I could be in a good place to help others in my life, especially the people I love.  I pushed my 'magic button' on March 2, 2009. If you are waiting to push yours, DON'T WAIT! Commit to taking care of YOU then find the tools that will make the change that you want happen.

Note to ME and YOU: The first place you need to look for your magic button is the nearest mirror!





Analyze Success Not Failure!

I posted "Analyze Success Not Failure" on Twitter and Facebook the other day and got some interesting feedback. That simple statement has come to mean a lot to me this week and on my journey. I am passionate about this statement because it is part of the foundation of my journey to health and fitness.

When I had the Epiphany that pointed me "Out of the Fire" I started on a path that lead me to build success on success. In searching for success I did not have to look far. I worked two careers, at the State Ports Authority and the Boys & Girls Clubs, that were focused on success. The main piece of the puzzle I worked on in each new department, organization, or endeavor revolved around the question:

"What can I do to help each individual be successful to bring success to the department, organization, or endeavor?"  

You see, my belief has always been that if all of the parts are successful the whole will be more than successful. I have been able to add to the success of many individuals in my life which has been a big piece of any happiness I have experienced. I have never done anything miraculous, I have just helped them on their journeys or helped them find their journeys.  I love knowing I can help someone in any way. The big question became, "Can The Fat Guy help himself?"

Turns out I can help myself. I took all of my business philosophies and applied them to my journey. I asked myself the question "How are you going to help this guy be successful on his journey?" I looked at all of the successful things I had done in business and for others  and applied them to my journey. To this point my journey has been a success!

This is not to say I do not acknowledge failure. We all fail if we are trying at all. I just choose to focus my time and energy on Success, on seeking out what works and finding ways to replicate success. I am fully aware of my failures and the things I have not done well. That is part of my daily reflection. BUT, I would much rather focus on and analyze the road to success rather than the path to failure.

Note to ME and YOU:  Find the Success in Your Life and Build on It! (and if you can't find it, seek it out)




Well, the last few weeks have been 'not so normal eating'! It has included the celebration of Polly's and my 25th Wedding Anniversary, as well as, a family reunion in Pickens with Polly's mom's family. Life has also been a little hectic and unpredictable (isn't it always!).

Once again my eating has been so-so and my activity level/workouts have saved me. On our anniversary, Polly and I went to our favorite restaurant, Peninsula Grill. It was a great evening for Polly and I to celebrate, reflect, and take a break from our hectic schedule this summer. We both loved it. The evening was capped by a piece of Peninsula's wonderful coconut cake. Polly normally gets a piece all for herself and eats half in the evening and half the next morning with coffee for breakfast! On this occasion we decided to split the signature desert. Even splitting it our calorie intake was pretty hefty. Last year when we were at dinner there Polly asked our server, Jonathan, about the calories in a piece of the coconut cake. He came back to the table to announce that there are 32,000 calories in one cake and 2,667 calories in one slice of the cake!! My BMR is around 1,980 calories per day………… you do the math!

We also are still going back and forth to Pickens to help out Polly's parents (Effie and Garvin). We have been able to help out as their health issues continue. I am again glad we are in a situation to be able to help them stay in their house and have some quality of life. We attended the Anderson Family Reunion (Polly's mom's family) last weekend with Effie and Garvin. You know what people do at family reunions, don't you…………………………. they eat! Well we ate everyone's specialties. I tried to stay with smart protein and vegetables until the dessert table came into site!!

Anyway, my weight has been between 218 and the low 220s for the most part the past few weeks. I am working to bring it back down a little and still struggle to some degree with sugar (i.e. desserts, candy, etc.). The good part is I am always coming back to Keeping It Simple (KISS)and I maintain my daily habit of reflecting on HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water). By doing this it helps to bring some 'normalcy' to the 'not so  normal' times.  I keep a business card with a picture of me at 342 on the dash of my car to remind me of the road I will not take again!

NOTE to Me and You: Keep some established mental routines  (HAW, KISS) so the 'not so normal' times don't totally derail you!

Loving Life!

The Fat Guy

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