What a title! I have dealt with PAIN the past few weeks, but am very THANKFUL this time of year!

The PAIN has come from a cracked molar. I had a root canal on a back right molar during the summer. My follow up appointment with the Endodontist was several weeks ago and I found out the crack in the molar had gotten pretty bad. Then the area got infected with the root of the tooth pushing on my nasal cavity. I dealt with a good deal of oral/sinus pain for about 7-10 days and had oral surgery on November 24th. The pain I dealt with changed my workout and eating habits. I ate a lot of no sugar popsicles and no sugar added fudgesicles to help ease the pain I was dealing with over that time. Pain is not a friend to continuing healthy fit habits! I did not realize how bad the pain was until I had the surgery on Tuesday. I feel much better and I am now looking at the things I did not/DID do well during my bout with the tooth!

Scorecard says:
• I did not drink water early each day and in the amounts I needed.
• I did not workout with the dedication and timing I usually have because of the pain.
• I did not eat the right foods> i.e. candy, mints.
• I ate later in the day than normal.
• I DID stay between 115-120 pounds down. (231-236)
• I DID maintain my log and knowledge of what I was doing.
• I DID know I would come out of the situation refocusing on my fitness journey.
• I DID maintain my sense of humor!

THANKFUL> I sit here the evening after Thanksgiving knowing I have much to be Thankful for today and always. I am Thankful for:
• My loving wife
• My wonderful parents and brothers and their families
• My wife’s parents, sister and family
• All of my family and friends
• Finding my journey to fitness!
• My faith in God
• And So Much More!

My Advice for Today: Be Thankful for all of the special people and things in your life. Use these things to help you find your journey!!

FAT GUY (Big Mike)

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