DAY 261- DOWN 120 pounds and counting!

Another WOW! Down 120 pounds for the last 2 days! I seem to get in these 3-4 pound zones (up a couple, down a couple) and then break though. I monitor what is working and what is not working and keep moving forward and DOWNWARD! 120 pounds in 8 ½ months is not too shabby. The 36” waist pants/jeans are moving through the comfortable zone to the loose zone!

I have been working on fine tuning my personal training skills with my wife and a few of her friends. The strength and aerobic training have really been a major part of transforming me to a healthier, leaner, fitter person. I cannot emphasize the physical activity side of my journey enough. I am a firm believer in a good combination of proper diet (not dieting), strength training, and aerobic training. The combination really tunes my body up to be more efficient at burning calories, operating properly (BP, cholesterol, pulse all going well), and just plain living life!

I am also volunteering to help with the River Front Race Festival ( on the Kids Half Marathon Challenge. It has been an experience promoting this out to the local schools and youth programs. Basically, we get kids/teens to commit to walking/running at least 12 miles prior to the race weekend on January 15, 2010 and then complete the final 1.1 miles on January 15th at 4 PM with us to get in the half marathon distance. Because of the generosity of the Race Committee, this effort is being taken on at NO COST TO THE KIDS/TEENS! If they complete the race they will receive a race shirt, race number, race packet, and a meal at the finish line! I love helping kids be successful in life and I love fitness so this works well for me! We all need to be aware of and help curb the obesity epidemic with our kids. Getting them active is a great way to start!

Life is good!

My Advice for Today: Share your talents and time with the world! Help a child or adult you know in some small or big way! Don’t talk about it, just DO IT! You will gain much more than you give………………. I PROMISE!

Find Your Journey!

Fat Guy (Big Mike)

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