It has been an up and down month from October 2nd to November 2nd.

Let’s work backwards. I have learned a lot from the last 4-5 days. I was a little under the weather from Day 241-245, nothing too serious just feeling a little out of sorts, some fever and other minor symptoms that we won’t discuss here! In reviewing these days I did a lot wrong and broke some of my rules/guideline:
1. I did not drink enough WATER! (Bad rule to break!)
2. I did not work out as much.
3. I ate way too many almonds. Almonds are good for you, but not in the amounts I had with the salt they had on them.
4. I may have even missed some calories, as I did not log the way I normally do.
5. I went to a birthday party Saturday night. I did not just graze; I think I finished off an entire pasture!

Now let’s look at the month. I did lose 5 pounds during the month. This is my smallest loss yet, but to be expected after losing 110 pounds in 7 months. I did start some very solid workout routines outside of the gym, as well as, inside the gym. I did drop to 36” waist pants and jeans without much weight loss! I did realize that I will need to manage my lifestyle habits daily. I learned that logging my success and failure is important to my long term success and goals. I must continue to work each day at living the FIT lifestyle I want and need. I learn about myself and my journey every day.

I felt much better this morning than the past 4-5 days. I decided I should CHALLENGE myself after a so-so month. I went over to Stoney Field at 8 AM this morning and did 100 straight reps of the bleachers!! One rep involves walking up 17 bleacher seats and down 34 steps. That would be 1,700 bleachers (going up) and 3,400 steps (going down) in 65 minutes. Not too bad for a 53 year old Fat Guy!! I NEEDED IT!!

My Advice for Today: Celebrate your success and be honest about your failures. Work to learn from your failures which will bring value to their part in your journey. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Find Your Journey!
Fat Guy (Big Mike)

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