Laughing just plain made ME feel better.

This is the final post on my tagline Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing! The focus of today’s post is Laughing. Laughing can be defined as: 1.a: to show emotion with a chuckle or explosive vocal sound b: to find amusement or pleasure in something  2. to be of a kind that inspires joy.

TheFatGuy did not do much laughing in the years leading up to March 2009. I never felt much like laughing and did not find much that amused me. I could not find it in ME to laugh at myself or the amusing things that crossed my path each day. My weight was a wall holding out laughter and the fun we should all have in life. I was serious all the time between wrestling with saving a nonprofit and dealing with my ever ‘growing’ weight problem. I did not have the time to laugh! I did not have the energy to laugh! I think I had forgotten how to laugh!

My eyes came wide open and my mind cleared on making the decision to start my journey in March 2009, The walls came down and I realized how much I was missing and how much I needed to laugh. Laughing became as critical to my journey as Living, Loving, and Losing. I learned laughing at ME and the simple things going on in life around ME was a good thing, a great thing. I found laughing made it much easier to choose a positive attitude each morning. Laughing just plain made ME feel better.

How does laughing make you feel better? Laughing can be good exercise! Laughing reduces stress and can help you be healthy! The level of stress hormones may actually drop when you are laughing. Laughing releases tension, anger, endorphins, and more.

Turns out Laughing was the perfect prescription for ME. Losing 150 pounds and laughing again turned out to be the perfect prescription to get me off of 7 different prescription medications. Just what the doctor ordered!

Note to ME and YOU: Laughing makes things SO MUCH BETTER!


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