I am many things and I am always evolving.

I am a chubby short good kid that gets his butt kicked in grammar school and never gets in trouble. I am a teenager that does not realize he is growing up and has gotten bigger and stronger; I do not quite know where I fit. I am a young adult that is quietly becoming a party animal, bouncer and bartender while starting a promising career at the Ports Authority. I am the person that assumes leadership roles and becomes more vocal about what needs to be done. I am driven and successful at some things while overlooking other things. I am the person that forgets names, but never forgets actions or situations.

I love people, I love learning from everyone I meet, I love helping people be successful, I love volunteering, and I love working with kids. I love choosing to leave one career to pursue a dream of helping kids. I do not like neglecting everything else in my life to pursue that dream. I do not like leaving that career when it happens, but I do like the fact that it leads to a great epiphany!

I am the guy that loves his family and friends; the guy that will take a hit but cannot watch someone else take a hit. I am the guy that loves his wife and loves her even more for saving his life in February 2009 by telling him the story that changed his life. I am the guy that loses 150 pounds in 363 days and cannot believe what he has done. I am the guy that was as unhealthy as one can get and then becomes as healthy as he has ever been in his life at 55 years of age.

I am the guy that looks forward to a week at Camp Kemo like a little kid looks forward to Christmas morning! 

I am TheFatGuy. I believe in always learning and growing. I believe in exploring ME to become the best ME I can be. My only failure will be failing to try. I continue to learn about 'Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!'  

I am many things and I am always evolving! I hope and pray this is always true. Standing still just stinks!

Note to ME and YOU: Always evolve. Always learn and grow.


PS I almost forgot, I am and can be 'the dirtiest player in the game', when necessary! Just thought you should know.  

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