Most of you know I had abdominoplasty surgery on 4/21/2010. Since then my weight has been all over the place with the fluid retention! I gained 8 pounds the day after surgery. I have been as high as 222 pounds and weighed in this morning at 207.4 with a small amount of swelling and fluid around the incision in my lower abdomen. Quite a range of weight. The recovery is continuing to go well and I push myself just enough each day without crossing the line to cause damage to my abdomen and core. I must again thank Polly for encouraging me to do this and supporting me along the way.

We have experienced a number of other UPS and DOWNS over this same period. Polly’s parents are both continuing to recover from falls and health issues in Columbia. We have both been back and forth to Columbia to spend time at Polly’s sister’s (Sue)home and help with Effie and Garvin (my in-laws). We have gotten poor news and great news along the way. The good news now is Garvin has had his procedure to repair his fractured L3 and is in some pain, but recovering. Effie is in rehab, but GOOD NEWS, I will be there to discharge her on Wednesday from the facility an bring her back to be with Garvin at Sue’s home. All good and encouraging news!

The book has seen its UPS and DOWNS, too! Polly and I have worked to get our hands and heads around the rough draft during this time. Thanks to some concentrated efforts we were able to meet with Marjory on Thursday afternoon to review our input and edits. I was able to put it all in binder form with an edited version, a section for Polly’s notes, and a section for my notes. Although we are not where we thought we would be at this point, we are happy with getting here and being able to sit down with Marjory to discuss the UPS and DOWNS of the project.

There have been plenty of other UPS and DOWNS over the same time that we are dealing with individually and together. We deal with the DOWNS and celebrate the UPS!! Some UPS include, Polly being able to maintain and even lose a few pounds throughout everything going on and crazy schedules. Polly has gotten great support from her school and fellow nurses during the times she has needed to be with her parents. I have been able to realize that my health and fitness have put me in a much better place to deal with the UPS and DOWNS. I have maintained perspective on my journey and all that goes with it. I also got to do a great interview with David Quick of the Post and Courier this past Thursday at Stoney Field while working out. The article should be in this Tuesday’s (5-11) Post and Courier. I thank David for his time and true interest in my journey and the Childhood Obesity Epidemic.

All in all the UPS outweigh the DOWNS!!

NOTE to YOU: Choose your attitude each morning and make it a positive choice! A positive attitude can go a long way to dealing with the DOWNS each day and make us all more thankful for the UPS!


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7 thoughts on “UPS and DOWNS!!

  1. Wow..your accomplishment is impressive..I have lost 3 sizes myself in the last 7 months and it was alot of work especially exercise.
    I looked at what you ate the last week and I am a little puzzled that you eat ice cream quite frequently. I realize it is the overall calorie count that you are keeping track of but even then you have to look at quality of food and how it functions in the body..I was surprised that you would partake so often in ice cream after all you have accomplished. The glycemic index for me would have me gain everything back. Again great job regardless of my concerns.

  2. I just want to let you know that the statement you made to the paper probably saved my life,If I am unable to save myself in a crisis,How can I possibly save anyone ??? That has hit me like a Baseball bat I weigh 325 and I’m 5’6″ and will be 62 next month, my new life begins today.!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You

  3. I knew a Michael Campbell at Cathedral School. Just wondering…
    I saw your article in the paper. I am also on a weight loss journey. My greatest hope is that I keep it off this time.

  4. I am 67 and have arthritis and the last thing I want to do is exercise, I’v tried paddling in the pool but can’t find time to get there, walking is painful for any distance. Shall I get a trainer? Hate to pay the money for one.

    I am losing (15 lbs in 2 months) that currently means I weigh 325, hope to get down to 240 by next May 2011.

    I am seeing a bariatric doctor and taking chromium, magneseum, and prescribed metformin (this helps with preventing me for going over the line into sugarville and becoming a diabetic) also, I am prescribed Adipex at 20mg.

    I am so amazed you have done without meds, Good for you.

    But, how should I start exercising?

  5. Michael,

    I am a retired 59 year old male that stands 6’5″ tall and weighs 350 pounds. I quick smoking over a year ago following a heart attack while performing a stress test on a treadmill at the doctors office. My blood pressure and other vitals are in the proper range. So the problem is the weight.

    I started the low fat diet last Thursday in part due to inspiration from your newspaper article. I am a big eater so very fearful of the words “portion control”.

    Anyway here we go. I hope to use you web site for further insight to the challenges of the journey.