People don’t farm no more!

"People don't farm no more!" is one thing I heard Garvin, my father-in-law, say over the past few years before he left us in March. Because of his years of dementia, I would hear this over and over again; and it stuck with me. Garvin had many things that he said to me over and over again during the last number of years and I never tired of hearing them. Many of his Garvinisms needed to be heard over and over for them to stick in my brain!

"People don't farm no more" is one that jumps out at me after this past weekend. I worked around the 8 acres in Pickens that Polly's parents own this past weekend and I worked like 2 horses! I worked 13 hours or so doing HARD WORK! Hard work like, cutting heavy brush and moving 71 wheel barrel loads of rotten sawdust throughout the property to total about 2840 yards (8520 feet or 1.61 miles) of loading and pushing a loaded wheel barrel. This is quite a workout while eating fairly normal. I was able to lose weight while eating regularly. That is why Garvin's statement struck me!

When lots of people farmed they worked and worked hard. They could eat more calories because they were working so much, so hard, and burning SO MANY MORE CALORIES! They Moved More.

Today we have to Eat Smart and Move More. I am part of the State and TriCounty programs of Eat Smart Move More. I like working with these organizations and I love the name. It says everything, Eat Smart Move More. If you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight. I make sure to know my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) so I have an idea of how many calories I burn each day at rest. This helps to keep me on track.

It ain't easy staying on track cause "People don't farm no more". I just wasn't doing hard physical work so I was not burning calories. During my present Refocus, I have had to look at my good and bad habits. I have had to review what works and go back to Simple (KISS). Yes, I have to Eat Smart and Move More!

Note to ME and YOU: IF you get stuck, work toward Eating Smart and Moving More! Do it for YOU!


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