New Year Resolutions Beyond Weight and Fitness!

OK I have dealt with part of my Resolution list in my first 3 posts of the New Year below:

  • Lose 34.4 lbs by March 31
  • 150 straight reps of bleachers at Stoney Field (I've done over 100 in the past)
  • Log diet and exercise daily
  • No sugar in 2012! (this may be a lifetime decision!)
  • Schedule all of my time in my Android and stick to it

Now for the rest of my list and why it is important:

  • Blog 2 times a week on Tuesday and Thursday about what has worked and not worked for TheFatGuy- I needed to give myself a specific target for blogging to stay on track and hold myself accountable to ME and YOU. That's it!
  • Do something nice and thoughtful for one person each dayI need to do this for ME. It helps ME to remember ALL of the people that have helped ME over the years. It also helps ME to feed a positive attitude each day.
  • Audition for and appear on Big Brother and Survivor – This is my FUN one! I needed at least one goal that was 'out there' a little bit. I love watching these shows and want to do both of these shows to have FUN, challenge myself, and show ME and others that you can change your life in a major way at any age.
  • Complete my book by January 31- I have worked on this project with someone else and then on my own this past year. I did not like what we had done when I was working with someone else. I became sidetracked this past year with the death of my wife's dad after a long illness and taking care of things with her mom. Sometimes  life just happens and (with the ones you love) you have to do what you have to do.  Now the Book> I need a specific timeline and need to just 'get her done!'
  • Develop a plan to market my book, story, and ME by January 31- I am good at promoting others and programs I believe in, I just am not as good at marketing ME. So I have documented a plan and I am working through it now.

Again SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) comes into play when making New Year's Resolutions or Life Resolutions. Working toward these resolutions will help ME be a better ME. If I follow my resolutions and plans, 2012 will be a great year!

Note to ME and YOU: Plan for a great day, a great year, a great life!




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