DAY 74 of my journey and all great news!

My first 50 pounds are gone! I weighed in at 300.4 pounds this morning which puts me down 50.6 pounds. I am excited and very pleasantly surprised. I had set a mental goal of losing 40 pounds by my birthday (May 19th, Day 79) and then 50 pounds by Camp Kemo (June 13th, Day 104). I was shooting for those dates based on my initial success. Being a third of the way to my main goal is ‘huge’ for me.

I had some other really good health news late yesterday as I received my lab results from my physical last week to compare to my last physical September 26, 2008. My Triglycerides are down 80 points from 206 to 126 AND my Cholesterol is down 51 points from 196 to 145 (LDL down from 103 to 76)!

Now I am in for another test. I go out of town today to play in a Golf Tournament to benefit Camp Kemo and then to do a Teen Retreat for the weekend for Lasting Impressions a teen support group for teens with cancer. I will need to focus on my fitness and weight loss goals while not being in my regular routine. SO, the good news should motivate me to stay on track while on the road and out of routine.

My hard work has paid off with weight loss, fitness, good health, and just plain feeling great! NOW on to the second 50 POUNDS!

Loving Life,

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