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I just realized March 2, 2015 was the 6th Anniversary of the start of my journey of weight loss and to becoming a healthier fitter me. It has been AMAZING! Losing 150 pounds in 363 days was just the start of the journey. It set the foundation for everything to follow, BUT I always knew the weight loss was only the first step, it was not the journey!

Before I started my journey I was always good with the point A to point B diet or exercise program. That is what got me on the roller coaster of gain 30, lose 10, gain 50, lose 15, and so on. I did this for almost 53 years until I ended up somewhere over 360 pounds. 360 pounds was not a number I planned on reaching, it was not a number I thought was in my life plan. I would hit 230 and say I would never go over 250. I would hit 250 and say I would never go over 275, then 300, 325, 350 until I landed at that 360 plus number.

I did so many things well in life and I could not manage this. I could not manage my weight. I had helped so many others in my life and could not help ME! THANK GOD for my wife and the story she told me in February 2009. This story literally helped me find my way “Out of the Fire” , my own personal fire! The path Out of My Fire has been amazing!

As I have stated before, I run into people that think my path has been perfect, that my path has been some straight line of success from overweight, unhealthy, out of shape to fit, feeling great and in the best shape of my life. I am here to tell you it has been a ‘journey’ of learning and growing, wins and losses, ups and downs. I have had my great days and bad days, but even the bad days were good because I was on my journey. I was making progress and no bump or setback would shake me from the journey. I might stumble but I would get back up and get on the road to where I wanted and needed to go. I continue on that road.

Several ‘secrets’ have kept me on the journey, helped me to reboot when needed, and kept me healthy/fit. Here they are:

  • HAW- Honesty, Attitude, Water : I have kept that in my daily arsenal and it  keeps me from going too far out of bounds
  • Journaling and writing: I kept my journal/spreadsheet every day for 3 years before I stepped away to mentally track. It took me this long before I felt the habits were getting stronger and I felt I would catch myself. I also had a wealth of info to refer to as I made mistakes!
  • Habits: I knew it all came down to lifestyle habits for me. I knew that 53 years of bad lifestyle habits when it came to my weight, eating, and fitness would take time to rework and imbed in my mind and heart. So, I work on the good habits while recognizing the old and knowing when they start to creep back into my life. You see 53 years of bad habits want to outweigh 6 years of good.
  • Learning: I continue to learn and grow, PERIOD!
  • Taking Care of ME! : This was a hard one for ME and may be a hard one for YOU! I love helping others and “taking care of their needs”. It seems selfish to take care of my needs before considering others. This is something have had to build into ME. I do not do this in a selfish way. I do it because I know if I want to be the BEST ME to help others, I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF ME! So I give you all the permission in the world to Take Care of YOU!

In closing, I will tell you I am truly blessed. I am blessed to have Christ in my life. I am blessed to have a wonderful wife in my life. I am blessed to have a great family and special friends in my life. I had all of these things before a started my journey, but I appreciate, cherish, and embrace them much more now. I know that I would not have made to 53 if not for these blessings. I know that I would not have started my journey if not for these blessings. I know that I am a Lucky Man. Each of these blessings is a piece of the puzzle that is my journey. The biggest change is me and that fact that I can now see how they fit and how they work with and for my journey.

Note to ME and YOU: I pray you are on your journey and, if you are not, you find your journey very soon. And always, always Take Care of YOU!

Mike, TheFatGuy


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