Why TheFatGuy rebuilt his Website…. ummm….. Office…

TheFatGuy rolled out his new website this past week thanks to much help from Stephen Parris. The new logo he designed is better than TheFatGuy could have imagined!

Why did TheFatGuy push to rebuild his website? Several things came into play as he looked at this question. He needed:

  • to get better ORGANIZED.
  • a better way to highlight and serve the organizations he volunteers with in Charleston and South Carolina.
  • a way to best highlight giving away his book, “Fat Guy Diary: Out of the Fire!” to help people start and travel their journey’s to health, wellness, and happiness.
  • a way to highlight his newest career of working to help people.
  • an office and the website would be it!
  • To Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

Organized: TheFatGuy needed this as much as anything. Becoming overwhelmed and unable to focus on his own wellbeing is what got him to 360 pounds in the first place. He needed to find a way to best organize all of his efforts so he could still Take Care of HIM and the people closest to HIM in his life.

Serving Organizations: He enjoyed his efforts to serve multiple organizations, but did not feel he was highlighted and promoting the organizations as best as he could. Now it’s EASY!

Book Give Away!: TheFatGuy wants to reach as many people as possible with this FREE book. He wants to help people Out of their own personal fire! He is hoping that giving away his book, his personal story to health, wellness, and fitness will help someone, anyone.

New career: Well TheFatGuy and his wife have to eat and pay the bills. He could not work for someone else and continue his volunteer work at its present level; SO, he is using his redesigned website to start his career and maintain his volunteer work. He has multiple ways to help others while making a living. Check out the pages under How TheFatGuy Can Help you! On his website.

An Office: He is no longer attached to ‘brick and mortar’. His office is his website. It’s open 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. He loves it!

KISS: Yep, Keep It Simple Stupid rang out in his ears as he worked this strategy to rebuild his website.

Check out TheFatGuy and his new office/website. He is blessed to have found many positive things in his life and wants to share them with YOU!

Note to ME and YOU: Do what works for you and always give it a little KISS!

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