Who’s Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey?

It happens!

Who’s sabotaging your weight loss journey? I have had many major changes in my life and had saboteurs step in on each decision and each journey to improve my life.

I first recognized this behavior in 1984. I had battled with alcohol for about 10 years and finally made the decision that I was an alcoholic and I would stop drinking that day, the last day of March 1984. I have not had a drink every day since then. When I stopped, I felt free, happy, and positive. It did not take long for me to realize many of my friends and some relatives became saboteurs. “You don’t have a problem Mike. You can handle your alcohol. You can have just one drink with us!”  They did not truly respect or understand the decision I had to make and some were concerned that if I owned up to my problem, what about them? Many of these friends disappeared over several weeks of seeing me pursue a better life for me!

Weight loss has been a very similar situation. I have gotten to see a lot more saboteurs here because I have not only changed myself, I have worked with many people on their weight loss goals and journey. There were many different types of saboteurs. My mom loved me very much, but never saw me as a fat guy, even at 360 pounds! She always wanted to feed me, even when I was losing 150 pounds in 2009. She had not ill intent, she just loved me and her habit was to have food available for me, my 4 brothers, and their families every time we went to her house. And no, it was not a healthy option! Tasty, but not healthy!

Other saboteurs I have seen were in the misery enjoys company category. I was coaching a good friend of mine that was off to a great start with my nutrition program, coaching and support. She started posting on Facebook. Some people were happy, some congratulated her, some were curious, but one was her kiss of death. One woman that knew her posted she didn’t need to change, nothing would help her, and she should be happy with where she was. The comment had a little more content than this, but this was the gist of it. This one negative comment by a friend that was living an unhealthy lifestyle was enough to cause the woman I was coaching to abandon her journey.

I’ve see relatives, spouses, friends, and even random people on social media sabotage someone’s weight loss journey. Typically, people don’t want us to change our relationship with them when we work to improve ourselves. They drag us back out of love, fear, jealousy, and misery.

But, there is one saboteur I have not talked about. The biggest saboteur to MY journey is ME!  The biggest saboteur to YOUR journey is YOU! You see, we allow others to steer us away from our goals, our dreams, and our journey. At the end of the day it is our choice and our decision. True friends will support your journey. Loving family will begin to understand as you become the person you want to be. YOU ARE IN CONTROL! Don’t be your own saboteur!

If your friends are sabotaging your weight loss journey, find ones that will support it. Heck contact me, I’ll support it ?


Mike, TheFatGuy


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