What’s your WHY?

What’s your WHY?

Is your Why, wanting to fit into that wedding dress, feel better, look good, help others, fulfill a dream, a passion, or change the world?

This is a question I keep coming back to in my life: What’s my WHY? WHY am I sharing a healthy cellular cleanse program with people? Why am I doing the volunteer work I do? Why am I on this journey?

Every time I have made a major ‘course correction’ in my life, it is because I have answered that question. Knowing my WHY has lead to any success I have gained on my journey. My entire career at the South Carolina State Ports Authority was based on answering that question. I absolutely loved helping others find success in their careers and that was the basis for my success at the Ports Authority. As I built out each department, area, or terminal operation, my focus was my WHY. It was important I do well in my career so I could best help my family, friends and community. This is WHY it became important to me to help others I worked with do well in their careers. I considered them family and friends! Each time I rebuilt an area I was responsible for I was able to find success because everyone I helped find success within that area was a key building block to the success of the area.

I think I realized early on that helping others helped ME. I have always felt that I have gained more than I gave in helping others find success in life. It gives me a great feeling of pride and satisfaction. I learn so much from helping others. Typically some pretty good life habits were established in this practice, also.

Three key life changes happened because I found my WHY:

  1. The first came in 1984 when I quit drinking! I went through a number of years in my twenties struggling with alcohol. My why became more of an epiphany than anything else. I had plenty of reasons to stop drinking but it did not happen. BUT, on March 31, 1984 my WHY hit me like a ton of bricks. I was getting to a good place with God, family, job, and ME, but I was being pulled over for a DUI. I had been pulled over many times prior and always talked my way out of a DUI. This time the thought of God, family, job, and ME made me think about things a lot harder. I wanted to be the best person I could be for God, my family, job, and ME. Alcohol was standing in the way of that. SO, that moment of self-honesty while I watched the blue lights in the mirror made me realize my WHY! It made me understand that alcohol was a barrier to the things that were most important to me in my life. It was time to deal with the alcohol addiction. Honesty with the police officer and everyone else was my first step in becoming a better me for everyone else I wanted to help in life.
  2. August of 1986 was a little different. It was more of a rational decision than a sudden epiphany. This is when I quit smoking. Polly, my wonderful wife, had given me the ‘fun facts’ about second hand smoke and smoking for the first year of our marriage. She never told me to QUIT, but gave me the fun facts daily. Smoking was not only effecting my health with wheezing (asthma as a kid, how stupid was I) and other issues, it was starting to impact the same areas drinking had in my life. So, in August 1986, I quit smoking because my WHY was bigger than the need to smoke.
  3. That brings us to March 2, 2009. Many of you that read my blog and posts are aware of this one. This day was the first day of my weight loss journey and journey to health and fitness. I had SO MANY reasons to lose weight, to get in shape, and to take care of ME. Understanding that I was in my own personal fire was the biggest piece of the puzzle that suddenly fell into place. My journey is documented in Fat Guy Diary: Out of the Fire! MY WHY is in my first log entry on the spreadsheet that I lived by for 3 years.  Here it is: I need to take care of ME so I can best help my family and community.

SO, I am back to my WHY! All of the personal development I have been doing recently has pointed me directly to my WHY. Imagine that! I’ve always known this but I had to be pointed back to it. My WHY today is built on the WHY I have had for years. Why do I do what I do? Why do I volunteer with the organizations I do? Why do I work with people to lose weight, get fit? Why do I share my nutrition program with people?

My WHY now is built on helping family, friends, and community. WHY? :

  • I want to help my parents and family when I want and how I want.
  • I want to make a ‘significant’ impact on the obesity epidemic in the U.S.
  • I want to help individuals feel better, live healthy, and live the life they want.
  • I want to give my book away to 100,000 people! Fat Guy Diary: Out of the FIRE!
  • I want to make more paid speaking engagements to inspire people to start their journeys!

Bottom line is I want to make a difference in a big way!

Note to ME and YOU: Find your WHY, remember it, and work toward your goals with it always in your mind, heart, and soul.

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