What do the SUBWAY FIT FOR LIFE 15 DAY CHALLENGE, Cane Bay Elementary, TheFatGuy, and Tony Stark have in common?

What do the SUBWAY FIT FOR LIFE 15 DAY CHALLENGE, Cane Bay Elementary, TheFatGuy, and Tony Stark have in common? This question jumped out at TheFatGuy as he was leaving Cane Bay this morning. These were ALL topics of discussion between TheFatGuy and 2 groups of students at Cane Bay Elementary.


TheFatGuy was paired up with the school as their Fit Buddy to take on the SUBWAY FIT FOR LIFE 15 DAY CHALLENGE. It is a great pre-holiday challenge for elementary and middle school students and their families. TheFatGuy loves sharing his story with kids and helping turn the tide on childhood obesity. He had a wonderful time sharing his journey and answering those tough questions only kids ask.

OH, Tony Stark?  Yep, that one surprised TheFatGuy, too! As he was finishing up with the first group one of the students said “You’re like Tony Stark”. A number more chimed in and said “yeh, Tony Stark”. TheFatGuy did not know who Tony Stark was so he went on chatting with the kids as they left. The second group of students started making the same remarks about him and Tony Stark as he moved to Q&A. He asked the teacher and she just shrugged. One student hollared out, “You know, Iron Man!”. Talk about starting TheFatGuy’s day off right! Being compared to Iron Man is not too shabby for this 57 year old recovering fat guy J WOW, from 360 pounds to Iron Man! He will take that.

So now you know how the four items got connected. TheFatGuy promised the Cane Bay students he would put all of the info from his talk in his blog. That way they and their families could find ALL of the resources necessary to complete a successful challenge.

Here is what TheFatGuy committed to for his personal challenge:

  • NO processed SUGAR!
  • Some type of Aerobic exercise EVERY day (walk, run, bike, whatever)
  • Track Water intake to assure ½ ounce per pound of body weight a day. (4th grade students 8 cups boys, 7 cups girls)
  • Lose weight over next 15 days (which if he does above will happen)

The students will work to eat fruits and vegetables every day (French fries will not count here). They will work to meet their water intake needs each day. They will be more active each day and limit their Screen Time (TV, video games, computer). And here are some of the resources they can use to start and maintain those healthy habits:

 Note to ME and YOU: Be a Fit Buddy for a child! AND stop Childhood Obesity NOW!


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