Travel YOUR journey, ……………………………………………not someone elses!

Travel YOUR Journey! OWN YOUR JOURNEY! Keep these two things in the front of YOUR mind always.

TheFatGuy wrote about a Journey fueled by mini-challenges!” in his last post. He has used a number of short term challenges to keep him on track on his journey. One of the most important parts of these mini-challenges is they were all ‘owned by TheFatGuy’ , they were all his challenges and what worked for him.

TheFatGuy will tell you it is important for you to travel YOUR journey, to OWN YOUR Journey. Sure, you can look at what others are doing, how they travel their journey, and what works for them. But he urges you to think about how their success or failure applies to you. Make your challenges work for you. Some examples of this for TheFatGuy would be:

  • He knew he could not handle sugar during his weight loss period so he totally went off of processed sugar (the white stuff) for a year. He needed to do this and still has to closely monitor his intake and remove it from his diet as needed.
  • He knew a low carb/high protein diet would work for him, so he worked to learn to eat lean protein, protein shakes, leafy vegetables and various fruits. He integrated various foods into his diet as he went to see what might be a trigger food for binging and what worked (i.e. he could manage and measure almonds but cashews were a big issue! For staying under control)
  • He tried a number of things to help him Move More, finding that his Total Gym was the main stay in his effort to exercise and Move More. He even ended up doing one of their infomercials. He does not belong to any gym and owns his workouts!
  • He did not eat out more than a few times during his weight loss stage. He still is careful to gage how often he and his wife eat out and they don’t do the ‘fast food thing’.

These are just a few examples of how TheFatGuy has personalized his journey and OWNED it. You may be able to do things quite differently. You might be able to manage ‘some’ sweets while losing weight. You might ‘love’ to go to the gym or run. You might be vegan. You might be able to eat out and lose weight.

The key to this all is you. What can YOU own? What will YOU be able to manage? What works for YOU? In answering these questions you just need to focus on one thing. Be HONEST with yourself! Yep, I know, easier said than done. But this is necessary for YOU to travel your journey to health, wellness, and fitness. To TheFatGuy, Honesty is the key to it all. Self-Honesty is tough but very worthwhile when it comes to traveling a successful journey.

To help YOU own your journey, you may want to set up your own rules. TheFatGUy set up his own TheFatGuy Rules as he traveled his journey and reflects on them often. Make your rules work for you.


Note to ME and YOU: Figure out what works for YOU! OWN IT and you WILL find success.




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