Time Crunch Workouts from 10-15 minutes from TheFatGuyTheFitGuyTheBEAST

What CAN you do in 10-15 minutes!? A Lot!

  • FIRST, Re-think your mindset! Don’t hold out for the gym or another time. Use the time you have. 10-15 minutes is better than NO minutes! I know, I started with 10-20 minutes at 360 pounds and now I am as healthy and fit as I have ever been at 57 years of age! (I’ll be 62 this May 2018)

    Jan 2018


  1. Walk, jog, run, sprint (Doing sprints in intervals during a jog has become one of the more popular ways to get the benefits of both sprinting and jogging. It’s also a great way to burn a lot of calories by altering your workout slightly.
  2. Keep bands with you! Bicep Curls, back, chest, shoulders, triceps (I will bring some bands) They Are easy to use and change from exercise to exercise.
  3.   Outdoor Workout:

§  1 minute: Warm up with a brisk walk

§  1 minute: Speedwalk

§  1 minute: Run

§  1 minute: Jumping Jacks

§  1 minute: Speedwalk

§  1 minute: Run

§  1 minute: Jumping Jacks

§  1 minute: Run

§  1 minute: Jumping Jacks

§  1 minute: Sprint

§  1 minute: Walk at an easy pace to cool down

  • For a good leg workout you could walk steps or bleachers and do single/double leg standing calf raises on the edge of a curb or step.
  • For a strength-focused workout do pushups (different types), squats, lunges, step ups, dips, tricep pushups, planks
  • A Quick workout is a good way to combat that Blah feeling and get you back to your peak to for a better work or play day.
  • Change intensity, variety to spice up your 15 minutes
  • Some links to help you:

o   Quick Fit 15-Minute Exercise Program

o   15 Minute Total Body Boot Camp

  • I have a Total Gym at home that has an amazing number of exercises you can do for your entire body in under 15 minutes. Below are links to some info about these routines.

o   5 Minute Total Gym Workout and more

Stop thinking about what you can’t do and start working on what you can do!

Note to ME and YOU:  Just MOVE MORE!! Starting with 10-15 minutes each day could end up changing your life. It changed mine!


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