TheFatGuy still learning at 55

I am on Day 23 of TheFatGuy Refocus, Day 877 of my Journey, and continue to learn about ME. It is neat to know I can learn about myself and life at 55 years of age. I have known too many people that have become so set in 'their ways' that they will not or cannot learn new things about life, how to live it, and how to embrace life. AND they absolutely refuse to think they can change their ways, even if it is for the better.

In February 2009 I was quickly becoming that guy. I was so far down the road of obesity, health issues, and what I called life at the time that I thought I could not change. I thought the path I was on was the path that I was to stay on for life. I had become the guy I never thought I would become. I was stuck in my thinking and buried by my weight.

This morning I appeared on 96.9 The Wolf with Ryan, Tyler, and Jessica. Being with them and talking

about my journey helped to reinforce all of the positive things I have learned in 876 days of my journey. I have embraced my journey with ALL of its ups and downs. I have gained knowledge, inspiration, and positive energy from many entities and people around me. I have sought this all out and embraced it. This is far from the guy I saw in the mirror on March 2, 2009. I am much more the guy I want to be and need to be.

Why am I more the guy I want to be now? Being able to embrace change and learn new things is at the top of the list. Learning new things about ME and what works for ME has been a tremendous part of my journey. I pray that I am always willing to change, grow, and learn for the better no matter what my age.

I thank 96.9 The Wolf crew for making Day 877 of TheFatGuy's Journey another great day for learning and growing!

Note to ME and YOU: Always be willing to learn, grow, and change to improve YOU!


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