TheFatGuy’s New Year’s Resolution sealed with a KISS!

TheFatGuy has done well with some lifestyle and habit changes and not so well with others during his journey. This past year he continued to learn lessons on his journey and is working to apply KISS to his New Year's Resolutions for 2013. He is sticking with 2 resolutions this year with different strategies:

  1. Wear 32" Waist jeans!
  2. Develop a plan to MARKET his coaching, speaking, and book!

Let's take a look at Number 1 > TheFatGuy gets into 32" waist jeans. He has hit some 'stretch goals' with resolutions in the past. Things like losing 150 pounds in 363 days or doing 150 straight reps of Stoney Field bleachers have been big ticket goals for TheFatGuy in the past. AND, he has attained these goals! Why pick getting into 32" jeans? Well he has not been in 32" jeans since 9th grade! He has pushed the limits of the 34" jeans he has worn the past year or so and needs some motivation to reinforce good healthy habits and eliminate old unhealthy ones. Although he is over 3 1/2 years into his journey, the old lifestyle habits creep in when stress and life happen. SO,  his plan is not to go up to 36" waist jeans but to go down to 32" waist jeans!!

And, just how does he go about reaching this stretch goal? Well, he has tried many things in the past and he will return to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). He has reviewed things he has done in the past and will use parts of these things to KISS It!

  1. Be Specific & measurable: choosing a very specific and measurable goal of 32" waist jeans. They are sitting in the closet NOW!!
  2. Set a time table: Project will be complete by March 31, 2013! Subject will be able to wear these 32" jeans on December 31, 2013!
  3. Visualize: I am seeing myself wearing those jeans and they are in my face every time I open the closet!
  4. Keep a journal/log: This is a 'no brainer' for TheFatGuy! He has tried to come off of using his log during 2012 and it has not worked well. Daily logging of eating and activity will happen!
  5. Avoid previous resolutions: This seemed important to TheFatGuy. He has hit other stretch goals and missed some other common goals. He felt he needed a new stretch goal to move his journey to new heights! And he sees the heights on the horizon.
  6. Plan: Now down to the nuts and bolts>

    1. No processed sugar except for sorbet. And if sorbet is an issue, NO sorbet.
    2. daily calorie intake target will be 1400-1800 calories per day. (Present BMR-2098)
    3. exercise routine will be focused on his Total Gym XLS. It has simple routines that include some great ab and core work to trim his waistline! He needs simple to keep on track.
  7. Expect to revert to old habits from time to time. Treat failure as a temporary set-back. The only failure will be failing to try!

Hmmm, think that about covers the 32" jean goal. Pretty straight forward and simple even for TheFatGuy!

Number 2 is a little different. TheFatGuy has been stuck on trying to figure out how to MARKET himself. He has been really good at promoting other people and organizations and not so good at promoting himself. He has a one step plan at this point for the marketing goal. GET HELP AND ADVICE! He is enlisting the help of Dan Gheesling to coach him in this effort. So, as good as TheFatGuy is promoting others he has not totally figured out how to promote himself and gain the traction he needs to get the ball rolling. He will get the help of someone who knows how to coach and knows how to win. Not a bad combination!

KISS has been applied to both Resolutions! Now to make them happen.

Note to ME and YOU: KISS it with a PLAN or a COACH but whatever you do Keep It Simple Stupid!




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