TheFatGuy goes to the dogs!

TheFatGuy has gone to the dogs and loves it!

4 Rescues Rescue TheFatGuyHe has 4 rescue dogs that have been key in his journey to health and wellness. He was just featured in an article for the Post and Courier by David Quick titled PET RX: Owning a pet can be a prescription for good health


As he started his journey in 2009, TheFatGuy was not moving at all. He was 360 pounds of ‘no motion’ Mike. As he worked to improve his diet first, he  pondered what he would do to ‘move more’. One of the things that came to mind was ‘walk the dogs’. He started by just walking the block and built from there. When you’re not moving at all, walking the dogs around the block is a big deal! So walking the dogs was one more step in the right direction of a journey that needed to be traveled.

Polly and TheFatGuy have four rescues that fill their days with unconditional love. Doing the article with David Quick made TheFatGuy really think about the relationship he had with their dogs. They have definitely helped him with dealing with stress in his life. The comfort and love they have provided over the past three years has been soooooo important to his journey. He and Polly have helped care for and lost both of her parents over the past three years. The dogs have been on every road trip and traveled every step of TheFatGuy journey. They have been there through the highs and lows, the stress and anxiety of dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Yes David’s interview with TheFatGuy made him think of just how important their 4 rescues are to his journey.

Check out David’s article to best understand the benefits of adopting a dog to travel the journey with YOU! The Charleston Animal Society is a great place to start the relationship of a lifetime!

Note to ME and YOU: Get your rescue today! You could rescue YOU when you rescue them.








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