The Total Gym plus TheFatGuy = A Helluva Journey!

The Total Gym has been a constant companion for TheFatGuy during his journey. He purchased the 1700 model in the summer of 2006 after he ruptured the Achilles tendon on his left leg. He thought if he got this machine with a 325 pound weight limit, it would be incentive to stay below 325 pounds while recovering from this injury and the limits it posed. He weighed 320 pounds at the time.

WELL, with the idea of NOT going over 325 pounds planted in his head coupled with the inability to commit to taking care of himself at this time, he barely touched the Total Gym before he soared past 325! And it sat there as a reminder of failing to commit to himself and a reminder of what he needed to do to commit to himself. He had it folded away for quite some time. TheFatGuy loved the Total Gym commercials, all of the success stories, and seeing Chuck & Christie making it look so easy. He was just not ready to commit to ‘taking care of himself’.

As we now know, TheFatGuy, got his wake up call in 2009 at 360 pounds. He committed to his journey, his new eating habits, and his new exercise habits. AND, he smiled as he started using the Total Gym 1700! He worked to try many new things, but the Total Gym was the one CONSTANT companion on his journey. He wanted to Keep it Simple (KISS) as he restructured his life and the Total Gym was the perfect tool to do just that. He had it sitting in the back room of his house and had various routines set up so he could always get a workout in his day no matter how much or little time he had in his schedule.

TheFatGuy lost 150 pounds in a year (March 2009 to February 2010). He quickly found himself in the best shape of his life and continued to get in even better shape. He challenged himself by scaling the bleachers of a local High School stadium getting as high as 150 straight reps of going up 17 bleachers and down 34 steps. And he challenged himself in many other ways. All of this made possible by his commitment to his journey and the help of his Total Gym, the gym that never closes!

The Total Gym became so important to his journey that TheFatGuy and his wife purchased a Total Gym XLS for their Christmas present in early December 2012. That is when the fun really began! He loved working out on this newer version of the Total Gym and loved trying all of the new routines that came with it.

Then came the contact from the producer of the Total Gym commercials. He had seen a post online about TheFatGuy’s use of the Total Gym and the new purchase of the XLS. They talked on the phone a number of times throughout the holidays in 2012 and then he said “I want to come to Charleston and film you with your Total Gym.” TheFatGuy loved the idea.

SO, on Sunday, 1/6/13, TheFatGuy had a 4 hour ‘shoot’ at his house with all of the lights, camera, and action that go with it. He had a great time with the producer and crew; and had no problem talking about his journey to health, wellness, and fitness.

TheFatGuy had no idea when the commercial would air and had actually forgotten about it until late October of this year when people started contacting him about seeing him on a commercial with Chuck Norris. He has not met Chuck, but loves the idea of being on the same commercial with him.

You can see a main piece of his commercial debut here:

Here is a link to see the Total Gym Blog where TheFatGuy will have an ongoing presence.

Note to ME and YOU: Commit to yourself FIRST, and find a tool like the Total Gym to make that commitment work!

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