The Dirtiest Player in the Game!

Polly and I were riding by a terminal operation I managed for the Ports Authority in the early 1990s when I spotted a piece of our equipment moving when I had no one working. I quickly drove to the entrance and spoke with the Port Police officer at the gate to find out who was on the terminal. He told me and asked if I needed any help. I told him no, I got this. I had suspected

our equipment was being used at odd times for about a month and routinely drove home by a street near the terminal so I could confirm my suspicions. I knew the company that was 'borrowing' our equipment but they denied it. Anyway, as I drove on the terminal the person operating the large lift must have seen my vehicle and quickly parked the lift. He cut back through the terminal to his companies shop but I beat him there. I got out of my vehicle but did not realize I had the back window down. Polly heard every word of my not so polite conversation with the man. As I returned to the car she was very quiet and I was still ….. let's say steaming. After a few minutes of quiet on the way home I asked her if she was OK? She said she was glad she did not  work for me! I told her the guy did not work for me, he worked for a vendor that operated on my terminal and not only did he use my equipment without permission, HE LIED TO ME!!

Polly had never seen me like this before and was surprised at this side of me and said so. I told her I was raised a Southern Gentleman by my mom, but I had a good dose of Ric Flair in me. She just laughed and laughed. She knew exactly what I meant. If needed, I could be 'the dirtiest player in the game'! This comes from watching Ric Flair combined with a Win-Win mentality. Strange combination, huh.

Well, I believe in the Win-Win philosophy and have worked by it for years. It is a key part of any success I have known in business. One thing I did learn to tell people is I want this to be a win-win situation, but if you cross me you must remember, I have to win. In business this meant helping people be successful that wanted to be successful within the operation. I would work to help each person find success within my operation and the companies I worked with on the waterfront. If the person put me in a win-lose scenario then, you guessed it, they had to lose.

In trying to apply this to my journey I have found it is still a good tool for me. I am a gentleman with a Ric Flair side. Ric was/is a heel that learned to play the good guy when needed. I see myself as a good guy that can play the heel when needed. I will treat everyone well unless you somehow cross me or someone I love. If you put me in a win-lose situation, you will lose.

This philosophy includes being honest with me. The guy I dealt with in the early 90s lied to me. This is a big no-no with me and it pi–ed me off. This is also why I was so disappointed in ME in March 2009. I had expected honest communication between ME and others, but was not honest with ME about my addictions and how they affected my life and others.

Thanks to my grandmother on my mom's side for introducing me to Saturday afternoon wrestling at an early age. I never would have discovered Ric Flair without her leading me down that path! Also, I will continue to work on a Win-Win strategy with people, as long as they remember I have to win. A little dose of Ric Flair ain't such a bad thing!

Note to ME and YOU: Win-Win works, but if the other person puts you in a Win-Lose situation, WIN PERIOD!


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