Someone Saved My Life Tonight!

Share your story and energy, it could help someone you love

I heard this Elton John song on the radio the other day and thought about one person, my wonderful wife! I have told many about ‘The Fire’ story (OUT OF THE FIRE!! blog on 10-12-2010) in speeches and in general conversation. It was the story, inspiration, and missing piece of the puzzle that changed my life!

What I did not tell you in that blog was “Someone saved my life one night” in February of 2009

and that someone was my wife. I was unconsciously headed toward the exit door of life at an ever quickening pace. You can say I am being a touch dramatic but it is what I know and feel. If you look at the picture of me in February 2009 you will see a man that was 360 pounds of unhealthy as you can be. A man that looked old, felt old, and acted old. Although I did not have thoughts of suicide, I was slowly killing myself. You get the picture.

Now on to the good news! Polly’s story saved my life, period! I am as vibrant and healthy as I have ever been in my life. I will be 55 soon and I am in better shape now than I was as a bouncer in my twenties. I am Living, Loving, Losing, and Laughing! All thanks to a well placed story by my loving wife. She says she had no specific intent with the story when she shared it with me that night in February 2009. She just thought it was great food for thought. She does not like to take credit for ‘saving my life’ but I know better.

Note to ME and YOU: Readily share your stories of direction and positive energy with loved ones and friends! You never know the impact it might have on a journey that needs a starting point!


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One thought on “Someone Saved My Life Tonight!

  1. Hey, can you share the Story. It sounds great. I know Polly is so proud of you as are we. You have come a long way. Congratulations on your success.