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I have been fortunate to be able to share my story, talk about (teach) what works for ME, and, yes, learn. In the first two weeks of this very New Year, TheFatGuy has been able to talk to kids and help them with healthy habits, as well as, appear on several radio programs talking about health and fitness through his story.


The kids are great! We competed the 2011-2012 Youth Marathon program last Friday afternoon as part of the Charleston Marathon. A friend of mine asked me to help start something like this in late fall of 2009. He knew I had lost about 120 pounds at that point and he knew I loved working with and helping kids be successful in life. I agreed and we put together a short half marathon program over the next 2 months for about 75 kids. Friday was the third event and second Youth Marathon Program. We had over 400 kids participate in the program and 300 came out with us last Friday to complete the program together. A number of schools ran programs with staff/volunteers and numerous parents used it to help their kids set healthy goals and develop healthy habits. We had children running, walking, jogging, and even some in wheelchairs! A good deal of sharing/teaching and learning going on in this group! I was fortunate to see happy faces on kids, parents, teachers, and volunteers. A great day!

Share, Teach, Learn to Reinforce your own good habits

Share, Teach, Learn to Reinforce your own good habits

The radio spots I have done through Eat Smart Move More Charleston Tri-County and Trident United Way. We talked about fitness in the New Year and staying active during the winter months. Doing Q&A with the radio hosts and talking about what has worked for ME has been a lot of FUN! I thank Kelly Golden of 94.3 for having TheFayGuy on Carolina Now and Jessica and Ryan of 96.9 The Wolf for having ME on Total Wellness Tuesday. They make talking about health and wellness FUN and EASY!


What about Share/Teach/Learn? I have learned a lot through the above experience these past few weeks. Sharing MY story and helping kids set healthy habits has helped TheFatGuy to retain more of what he has learned, learn more about himself, and reinforce his own healthy habits. Practicing by Doing and Teaching others are the best way to retain information. Below is something I learned while doing research and working with the Boys & Girls Clubs. This is how much information you retain by:

Lecture 5%

Reading 10%

Audio Visual 20%

Demonstration 30%

Discussion Group 50%

Practice by Doing 75%

Teaching Others 90%

SO, Practicing what I preach and sharing/teaching others what has worked for TheFatGuy has helped ME to reinforce healthy habits on MY journey. Thanks to ALL for allowing TheFatGuy to share, teach, or preach!


Note to ME and YOU: Share the things that work for you! It may benefit you more than you know. Everyone Wins!


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