Shameless Self-Promotion


The phrase ‘Shameless Self-Promotion’ has been something TheFatGuy took offense to over the years. He would hear these words and think ‘used car salesman’.  He would think promoting oneself at the cost of those around you. Shameless self-promotion took on a very negative connotation for TheFatGuy.  He was always the one promoting others, organizations, and causes; he thought rarely of promoting himself for anything. He became very good at being the champion for other people, organizations, and causes.

TheFatGuy always enjoys seeing others do well. He likes to help people learn, grow, and find their way in life.  And he’s very good at it. He has helped many people attain supervisory or management roles. He has helped people find their way toward a career or calling outside of his organization or area of control. If he saw someone that was working hard to be successful in life, he liked nothing better than to help them on their way, cheer them on, and promote their hard work and talents to others. It’s something he did well, still embraces now, and, hopefully, will always have as part of his life.

To TheFatGuy, there is nothing better than helping other individuals or organizations be successful. There is almost no better feeling in life than knowing you have helped someone else on their journey through life. The payment for this investment is seeing the success blossom and thrive; ultimately seeing the person you have helped, invest themselves in helping another. That, to TheFatGuy, is part of the riches he gets in this life.

As good as TheFatGuy found he was at helping others be success, he fell woefully short in helping himself! He was excellent at shamelessly promoting other people, causes, and organizations. He was horrible at shamelessly promoting himself ……………………. to himself! Until March 2009, TheFatGuy lost sight of taking care of himself. He lost sight of taking care of himself, so he could be the best person possible to help others.

So, on March 2, 2009, TheFatGuy started his journey and started shamelessly promoting his needs and wants to the person who could help him most at that time> HIMSELF! He started putting his needs at the front of the line, because, quite frankly, if he did not start working on his needs he would not be able to help others and may not be around much longer to help others. He has continued over the past 3 years to work on what he needs to be successful in his life.

What he has done has worked well for him and, hopefully, some others along the way. TheFatGuy shares his story whenever he can. He likes to let people know he has made a tremendous change in his life in his mid-fifties (losing 150 lbs. and getting in the BEST SHAPE of HIS LIFE!) and that will hopefully help others know they can change their lives in a big way at any time. He feels it is a message worthy of shameless self-promotion!

As he shamelessly self-promotes, TheFatGuy does not want to sell you a used clunker, he wants to sell you the fact that you can change your life for the better at any time. He wants you to know that nothing is impossible to any individual if they fully commit, have faith, develop the path, and always work toward the journey they want to travel. After all, you control the choices each day, you just need to shamelessly promote yourself to yourself! Hey, you can do it……………… YES, I CAN!

Note to ME and YOU: Put yourself at the head of the line when you are trying to make a significant change in your life! Keep promoting yourself to yourself until you believe in YOU and what YOU want to do!

TheFatGuy, TheFitGuy, TheBEAST

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One thought on “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Shameless self promotion always makes me think of that line, “Don’t get too big for your britches.” Remember that one? Who do we think WE are? Those old messages are the voices of self-sabotage, designed to make us shrink ourselves down instead of build ourselves up. But as you said, dimming our own line helps NO ONE.