Reboot- to restart, to bring back 



I have used this word over and over again with my journey. Sometimes I think I might be wearing it out and then other times it saves me, saves my life. Rebooting to me means stopping what I am doing when I head in the wrong direction (weight, habits, or anything), resetting, restarting, and moving in the right direction.

  • Stopping: I often need to put myself in check, sometimes in small ways and other times in big ways. I may realize my water intake is to low, sugar intake is too high, or my cardio is not happening the way it should. OR all of these things could be happening at once, which is a big deal. SO I STOP!
  • Reset: I review my behavior and look at what I am doing well and ‘not so well’. When I see what I am doing ‘not so well’, I go back to a point in my journey where I was doing it well. I look at what was working to help me maintain my weight, lose weight, and progress and my journey.
  • Restart: In my mind, I hit restart and reboot my journey. When I reboot I go back to the date where the settings worked! Where TheFatGuy’s operating system was running smooth and getting things done in good order.
  • Moving in the right direction: Once I commit to the restart, I feel SO MUCH better. My mind and heart are back to where they need to be and I find it much easier to move through my journey!

You see, I have a tendency to put too much ‘junk’ in TheFatGuy’s operating system. The operating system gets cluttered with a touch of bad attitude, poor decisions, old/bad habits, and stinking thinking. I have too many files open, with many of them being files that do not positively impact my journey. SO, they slow the journey down to a crawl or they cause it to completely freeze up at times. When I reboot I end up closing ALL of the files and then opening the ones I need to really help me on my journey.

Today is one of those days! It is reboot time for TheFatGuy. I have gone through the above steps, started a 2 days cellular cleanse, and can feel my mind and heart moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Feels really good!

Note to ME and YOU: REBOOT as often as you need to REBOOT! It’s your journey! JUST STAY ON IT!


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