Perfect, Not Perfect!

Which is it?

Many people talk to me and assume my transformation has been some sort of a ‘perfect’ journey to losing 150 plus pounds and becoming fitter at 61 than any time in my life. People I coach, people I talk to about coaching, and just a casual conversation can center around people thinking that they have to travel a ‘perfect’ journey to reach their weight loss or fitness goals. Sometimes I can see them searching for the ‘perfect’ answer to a question I ask or ask me a question wanting to find the ‘perfect’ path to reach their goals.

Bad news, it is not about perfect!! It’s not about a straight line to success. It’s not about what someone else does or does not do. Journeys hit bumps and go well and not so well. Journeys will go up, down, sideways, and spin you around!

Now for the great news! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO REACH YOUR GOALS! Sorry for shouting. I did not travel a straight line. I hit bumps, I swerved a little, I had good days, and I had bad days. But, I lost 150 pounds in 363 days!

How? I fully committed to  the journey from the start. I documented my strategy and worked toward a plan. I researched and learned how to change. And I focused on my WHY! I needed to Take Care of ME so I could be the best me for my family, friends, and community. I needed to climb out of the deep dark hole I had been digging for far to long! My why was strong. I was and am committed to my journey.

It really is about how you travel the journey. Are you committed to your journey? Do you have a plan? Is your why strong enough to overcome the tough days and the bumps in the road?

If you are committed and believe, if you have a plan, and, most importantly, if your WHY is important enough to  you; you can work through every bad day and get over every bump in the road to continue on your journey.

It ain’t about PERFECT, it’s about getting there no matter what!

Note to ME and YOU: Perfect is when you can see your goal in sight and you start looking for the next goal! That is when you know your journey is PERFECT!




perfect not perfect

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