I have some good things happening in my life right now.

First, I have a big speaking engagement this Saturday with the State School Food Service Workers. I am looking forward to this presentation, as they will be one of the bigger groups I will have an opportunity to impact. This allows me to reach people from across the state with my journey  and more importantly adults that impact youth.

Second, I was approached by the editor of Oblique Magazine in Starbucks about a month ago. We talked for awhile about my journey. He told me he had seen my story and thought it would be a good story for his magazine. So, he followed up with me a week later and I will have the feature spot in Oblique magazine in their November/December issue. It also created a first for me as I had my first ‘photo shoot’ in downtown Charleston to get some pictures for the feature.

As I took a moment to reflect on the events it all seemed very surreal to me that I was presenting my story to people and doing a ‘photo shoot’. I took a moment to look at the desktop picture on my phone of me in February of 2009. It was a tough time for me mentally, physically, and emotionally. The picture shows me with my wonderful niece and lovely wife at a production of 42nd Street at Wando HS that month. I hardly fit in the theater seats, did not feel good in my own skin, and was as unhealthy as I had ever been. I remember it like it was yesterday!

Amidst all of my bad and unhealthy feelings in February of 2009, Polly told me the story that was the catalyst for me to start my journey and change my life. She came home one evening in early February from a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) meeting and told me they had a speaker talk to them that night and she learned something really neat. She said the presenter said if she was in a burning building with the president of the US, the governor of the state, the mayor of our town, the Pope, all of her family members, and more key people in her life, who would be the most important person in the fire? I said who? She said she would be the most important person in the fire, because if she could not figure out how to get herself out of the fire she could not help anyone else!

I knew immediately it was a significant story, but it took about three weeks for it to bounce around in my thick skull to click all the pieces into place to start my journey on March 2, 2009. The story that Polly told me lead me Out of the Fire! I am thankful for her inspiration and the great places my journey has taken me thus far.

Note to ME and YOU:  You never know who will impact you and when! Or who you will impact and when! An encouraging word or story could be the acorn that becomes the Giant Oak tree!

Out of the Fire,

The Fat Guy!

PS Thank You Polly!

Thanks for saving my life!

Thanks for saving my life!

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