No sugar tonight in my coffee!

No sugar tonight in my coffee

No sugar tonight in my tea

No sugar to stand beside my

No sugar this year for ME!!!!!!!!

In my last post, '2012 was a great year!', I said one item on my New Year list might be more important to my success than ALL of the others. Well the lyrics above to the  Guess Who song pretty much spell it out. NO SUGAR for TheFatGuy in 2012 and probably NO SUGAR for life!

Why? I have struggled with many issues during my life and sugar has now climbed to the top of my list. God bless the person that can do sugar in moderation and God bless TheFatGuy for realizing that ain't ME! Sugar has become a demon in my life and it is time to slay the demon.

I gave up sugar from March 2, 2009 to February 27, 2010. 363 days without sugar in my life and I lost 150 pounds! On February 27, 2010 my wife wanted to have, of all things, a dessert party. TheFatGuy made most of the treats for that night and I had one blowout night on sugar. Not the best way to celebrate losing 150 pounds! Since that time I have struggled with sugar. I worked to manage sugar into my diet. I worked to understand and gain knowledge about how I could include sugar in my diet. I have blogged about sugar, I have talked with people about doing sugar 'in moderation', and I have struggled.

So, as 2011 came to a close I started thinking about sugar and possibly giving it up. What I did the last 6-8 weeks of 2011 amazed me and not in a good way. With the knowledge that I might give up sugar in 2012 I binged on sugar at times to close out 2011. Words like lunacy, stupidity, and what the hell come to mind. Your right, other words came to mind too, but I cannot write them in my blog. They are just imprinted in my mind.

So I lay down my sword and stop the battle with sugar. Sugar, You win and TheFatGuy walks away! Wait, that's not right. TheFatGuy walks away from sugar and he wins!! You've got it, I win. I am on day 5 of the New Year, NO SUGAR, and I feel GREAT! I am amazed this morning in a good way. I weighed 244.4 when I woke up New Year's Day and I weigh 232.6 this morning! My mind is clearer, my energy level is through the roof and I am actively looking for ways to restructure what I eat and how I eat. I went back to basics eating regularly (6 times yesterday), reducing my calories (1415 yesterday), and getting scheduled regular exercise. I am starting each day with HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water).

Now I think, what would I give up to save my life, to extend my life, to improve my quality of life? Giving up sugar is not that big a deal when I think of it that way.

Note to ME and YOU: What would I give up for a GREAT YEAR, A GREAT LIFE?


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