Midyear Checkup 2013 (a little late)

PushupI have seen some friends post notes about their journeys recently that say things like, I had a bad day, I ate too much this weekend, I am not doing as well as I like right now. The one things I have seen from ALL of them is their ability to refocus and commit to their journey! I applaud you all for your wonderful journeys and much needed inspiration for me and all. You inspired me to do this midyear checkup!

Now, time for some accountability and a little rerouting from TheFatGuy! I have not blogged much so far this summer for several reason, most importantly it is the first summer in years my wife and I have been able to spend time together! We needed it.

Midyear Grade time:

  • Moving More/Exercise: B
  • Eating Smart/Diet: D+

Yep, the first half of this year has been a ‘test’ of my new habits versus 53 years of developing unhealthy/bad lifestyle habits. I started the year at a number over 240 pounds (which was a number I was not planning to reach!). I was 242.6 pounds on January 1st of this year and planned to slowly bring my weight back down. I found over the next months that I was quickly able to bring my weight back into the 230s and keep it there but was not able to bring it down further. I allowed a number of things to move me away from my healthier habits. Some of the things that moved me away from ‘taking care of ME’ were:

  • Building/toning muscle: in an effort to build and tone muscle, I had allowed my weight to go up over the course of 2012. This effort would not have been bad if I had kept a little more control on the ‘weight gain’. I did build and tone muscle!
  • Dealing with loss. I did not deal with loss very well during the first half of 2013.
    • After about a year of helping take care of my mother-in-law, she passed away in late February of this year. This was preceded by almost 2 years of going back and forth to the upstate of South Carolina from Charleston to help take care of my father-in-law. So, for the 3 years prior to February, Polly and I had gotten in a routine of traveling back and forth to help take care of her parents. This was something we wanted to do and loved to do. This was something that brought memories to us that will be with us forever. This was also something that I see in me and so many of us. Polly and I had gotten very good at taking care of and loving her parents, but had fallen back into some familiar, not so healthy habits, and had not done a good job taking care of ourselves during this time. This all hit us between the eyes when Polly’s mom passed. We went from being a little out of bounds to a little out of control after her mom’s death. The habits I had worked so hard to develop over time had slowly started to backslide over a year or so, and with my mother-in-laws passing the good habits seemed to disappear for a short time. Polly and I have talked about this and are now making course corrections in my/our journey.
    • I lost a very close friendship. My friend did not pass away, but he did some things that destroyed our friendship. I will not give details of this, but I will tell you I take friendships very seriously and this person abused our friendship in ways I cannot begin to tell you. It had more of a negative impact on me than I realized.
  • Logging: I decided during the course of 2013 I would work away from logging daily! This may not have been the best time for me to have ventured down this path. Logging regularly may have helped me get a better quicker grip on things.

Well these are 3 main areas that took me off course a little during the first half of 2013. The result was my eating habits were not as disciplined. That is why I get the D+ here.

  • I ate sugar and at times ate way to much sugar, especially during my week of Camp Kemo in June when I ate anything and everything. Love the kids, but hate the fact that I can’t seem to do moderation well!
  • I turned a bit of a blind eye to portion control and eating schedule which had been all too important to me.
  • I/we ate out TOO MUCH!!

But, my exercise habits did not go out the window! I get a B there.

  • I kept up with a decent exercise routine during the first half of 2013, working out 5 or more days a week.
  • My Total Gym XLS kept me in a zone to continue to focus on muscle tone and building. I kept it easy by following the routines on the cards that come with the machine.
  • I competed in a PushUp fundraiser to challenge myself> 5 pushups every 20 seconds for 30 minutes!
  • I would have gotten an A, but I feel I did not do a good job with my cardio work.

So with all of this I ended up at 248.2 on July 5th. NOT GOOD. The good news is I am already back under 240 and working on some things to keep me in bounds and traveling MY journey on MY terms!

Note to ME and YOU: The main message here is, I ‘allowed’ this to happen! I know there may have been some tough times and circumstances, but I allowed it to happen.


My next blog: Bad midterm grade, so what are you gonna do about it?

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