Making Lemonade from a Bug!

The Glass is HALF FULL.... at least

When you are overcome bad a bad ‘bug’ or virus it can be very disheartening and totally disruptive. And that my friends is where TheFatGuy found himself this week. He awoke in the middle of the night Sunday night with major stomach ‘issues’ , feeling horrible, cold sweats, and fever. Not a good place to be with a long planned week ahead. It was the worst TheFatGuy has felt since starting his journey in March 2009. Not a good place to be for a guy that has gained control of his life, health, and fitness> ‘having little control over this bug that caught him completely by surprise’. From in control to out of control in the blink of an eye.

As the sun came up on Monday TheFatGuy started realizing just how sick he was and just how many meetings and obligations he had on the books. He did not even venture to his laptop for two days, now that is sick! He started looking at his schedule from his phone and worked to figure what he would do, as he felt like doing nothing. He was concerned about the negative impact this ‘bug’ would have on him and others he had committed to during this week. He knew the emails and contacts were piling up. …….

Sitting here this morning TheFatGuy  is having himself a big old glass of LEMONADE!  Yep, the ‘bug’ was no fun AT ALL ( you need not know the details), but somehow TheFatGuy was able to make lemonade out of this giant bug! He did have help from his friends, colleagues, wife, and others. Did he mention his wife, maybe he should mention her again as he is very lucky she takes such good care of him when he needs it most.

TheFatGuy found that he has some very solid relationships in place. Some emails and text messages from his phone,  as he struggled with this ‘bug’, were all he needed to let people know his situation and inability to handle any meetings or tasks at that time. People took care of meetings, changed schedules, and helped TheFatGuy…… a lot! Other parts of the LEMONADE this morning are:

  • It only lasted 72 hours! He knows many people that deal with much worse!
  • He is caught up on his emails and contacts already!
  • He is smiling on a sunny day at Starbucks!
  • He lost 8 pounds! (not a recommended reboot, but a reboot none the less!)

TheFatGuy is a fortunate guy! He has a lot to be grateful for and thankful for in his life today and always.  He knows that his glass is half full of lemonade this morning and things are looking good. That half empty feeling tried to creep in over the past few days and now……….. well, now he is drinking his lemonade!

Note to ME and YOU: Make sure your glass is half FULL…….. of LEMONADE!




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