Would TheFatGuy offend you!?

LAZY, TheFatGuy heard someone use this word almost by mistake last night. Great person speaking about obesity, activity, and moving more as it pertains to our young people. He was talking about moving more and being active in general and the different stages we go through in life. The bottom line is if you don’t move you will lose a lot of neurons! Neurons are the basic unit of nerve tissue; the nerve cells. Neurons carry and transmit electrical signals throughout the nervous system. I am no scientist, but this ain’t good!

Back to LAZY! This word hit TheFatGuy in the wrong way when he first heard it used. He did not like it! He did not want to think of his country or people in his country as LAZY! He started thinking, and whether we consider it intentional or unintentional, we have gotten lazy. Sorry if this offends anyone, but TheFatGuy’s philosophy now is he would rather offend someone than see someone die. In not trying to offend TheFatGuy looked up the definition of LAZY and this is the first thing he saw :

1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion.

2. causing idleness or indolence.

3. slow-moving; sluggish.

Camp Kemo 2008! TheFatGuy at his fattest!

TheFatGuy at a pretty lazy point! A marshmallow game was ACTIVITY!

So, it hurts TheFatGuy to admit, but these are some words that describe him as the tonnage piled up over his adult life. As a nation we have gone from active to inactive in a relatively short period of time. Of course, TheFatGuy is not talking to you! I know you are active and plan to be active each day, right? Something that may help put some perspective on it is what he wrote about Garvin, his father-in-law, in 2011. He would always say People don’t farm no more!’ Simple statement that carries a lot of weight. Garvin did not always eat great but despite his age, dementia, and physical ailments, he was ALWAYS moving. He would weed the yard, work the garden, walk the property, and just plain move. He grew up poor, hunting, farming, and doing whatever he needed to make life work. He did this all of his life. So, as TheFatGuy worked at some fast food wifi spots in Pickens, SC he would think about what Garvin said and watch the obesity epidemic in full swing. Large numbers of people, particularly young people, supersizing their meals and bodies while not moving near as much as their parents and grandparents. When you farmed, you could eat, well you could eat like a horse. You were moving all day!

LAZY? TheFatGuy’s conclusion is whether conscious or unconscious we have become LAZY! Again, I know this is not you, just most other people. As a nation we ARE disinclined to be active or exert ourselves, we have become more idle, we are slow-moving, sluggish. OW, sorry, I know that stings a little but look around and ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you see more obese children now than 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago?
  • Do you see more kids using technology now than ever before? (7.5 hours per day on computers, texting, TV, and more)
  • Do you see more people making excuses not to move than to move? (circling endlessly to get the closest parking place at the mall, too busy, too stressed, too easy to take the elevator than one flight of steps……)
  • Could ‘instant gratification’ be causing some problems too? (we want it now, but we don’t want to work very hard for it!)
  • Do you find yourself wanting to argue with TheFatGuy about being LAZY, rather than take a hard look at these questions?

The above are all thoughts and observances of TheFatGuy. You can decide for yourself whether you are LAZY or lazier than say your parents and grandparents. TheFatGuy knows he, by definition had become LAZY over his adult life. Maybe not lazy at his job and other things in life, but lazy at moving more, exerting himself, he was idle , and sluggish. TheFatGuy had many reasons to be LAZY, but he was LAZY. It is a easy trap to fall into! He knows, he kept trying to climb out and kept falling back in till he almost did not have the energy to make one last climb!

If TheFatGuy offended you with his comments or caused you to take a hard look at the state of things with the obesity epidemic, he is ……………………………. he is NOT sorry! Yep, he would rather take the hit for offending and possibly save a life or see someone start their journey to save their neurons! He could live with this and be very happy.

TheFatGuy at a 'not so lazy' point!

TheFatGuy at a ‘not so lazy’ point!

Note to ME and YOU: Don’t be afraid to ask yourself some hard questions when it comes to your life and journey. Move More, don’t be LAZY! Save a neuron!







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