If I ….. would you?

If I ……… would you? I thought about this statement recently in all that I do and in helping others start their journeys to health, weight loss, wellness and living the life they want. It brought back memories of a conversation with a wonderful woman I know that lost a tremendous amount of weight. She was on her journey as I lost my 150th pound and we became friends through social media. Let’s say we were both impressed with the others journey and the steps we took to change our lives. (I have met many people like this and I am impressed with them ALL)

We ended up talking on Skype one day and had a great conversation about our travels along our weight loss journeys. One thing jumped out at me as we spoke. She starting talking about people who had reached out to her for her help and guidance. At that point I had that déjà vu moment! The stories she started to tell me were stories I had lived and stories I had traveled trying to help those that had reached out to me.

She spoke of so many people that she had ‘invested’ time talking with that did not start their journeys. So many people that wanted her advice and guidance, but were not ready to hear ‘her story’. Her story, as mine, involved an AHA moment, a high level of committing her heart and mind to her journey, and changing her lifestyle. She made a commitment to start a journey and not the A to B diet or exercise program. I knew this tale all too well. When she tried to help people, when she invested of herself in others, she saw disappointment. She could not understand why people reached out to her and then failed to move forward with their own journey, or talk with her once but never again, or shut down to her advice.

I found myself saying this to her. I said, ‘don’t get so invested in someone else’s journey that you lose sight of your own journey’. I told her I did not mean this in a mean spirited or selfish way. I told her that many people are looking for that simple magic answer. They want to be able to push that external button that will change their lives! They are not ready to push the ‘internal’ button to get it done. This is a hard truth to someone who is traveling a successful journey and knows it can be done. It is hard to see others reach out for help only to see them disappear when they understand what you have done. I have always told people that I can help them, if they are ready to help themselves.

This is why hearing ‘if I …… Would you’ hit me between the eyes when I heard someone say it. So here goes:

  • If I gave away my story, would you read it?
  • If I helped you start your journey, would you commit to helping yourself?
  • If I gave you the map, would you stay on your journey 10 days, 30 days, 1 year, forever?
  • If I gave you the keys to a new life, new direction, would you drive it?
  • If I showed you the best path to a tough journey, would you take it?

If I, …….. would you? A question that needs to be asked. As someone told me recently,  ‘ I can help a thousand people, but I cannot carry three. If I helped you, would you be ready to start YOUR journey? I love helping people!

Note to YOU from ME: I am ready to help you, are you ready to start? Message me today!

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