I can’t because……

'I can't because' are the first three words in a sentence I have already heard too many times this year and I have used them many times in my life as it pertains to New Year's Resolutions.  January 10th and we are already giving up on fitness resolutions! Really!  I thought about these words long and hard as I approached the end of 2011 and knew I needed and wanted to change some things.  What are people doing to reach their goals and stick with their resolutions? What are they doing to sabotage themselves? What have I done in the past and why have I failed? What would I do to change the pattern?

You have seen my Resolutions in my blog '2012 was a great year!' Below are some of the things I am doing to reach my fitness goal of losing 34.4 pounds.

  1. I have made this Resolution part of a bigger Resolution of wanting to say "2012 was a great year!" I have pictured my weight loss as being part of that big goal.
  2. I have set a specific fitness goal/resolution as part of my routine to help keep me on track. The bleachers at Stoney Field represent the single flight of stairs I avoided when I was at my heaviest. The bleachers/steps at Stoney Field represent a big change in my thinking and a mountain I want to climb to show the change I have made and can make in ME. That is why I will do 150 straight reps of the bleachers by the end of March.
  3. I am logging/tracking my fitness and eating daily.
  4. I put my workout times in my phone calendar at the beginning of each week. My focus on me, my fitness, and health are important. They are as important, if not more important, than any other meeting I will attend.
  5. I have given myself a target date of March 31, 2012 to reach 210 pounds.

Am I being SMART> Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely? I think I am. I know it is important to ME. I know making a difference in my life so that I can make a difference in others lives is important to ME. The only 'I can't because' I want to hear is "I can't afford not to take care of ME, because I want to be the best ME for everyone in MY life.

Note to ME and YOU: I CAN AND I WILL!


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