Total Gym and TheFatGuy

The Total Gym has been a constant companion for TheFatGuy during his journey. He has used it to get on track and stay on track. Through the ups and downs of his weight loss and transformation, his Total Gym has been there with him! He would like to share some of his Total Gym blogs and videos with you.

Note: TheFatGuy did these as ‘unpaid’ testimonials.

Latest on TheFatGuy and Total Gym in 2015: Mike lost 150 lbs with Total Gym!


Blog posts about Total Gym and TheFatGuy:

The Total Gym plus TheFatGuy = A Helluva Journey!

Midyear Checkup 2013 (a little late)

Bad midterm grade, so what are you gonna do about it?

Can TheFatGuy do a Push Up?

TheFatGuy’s New Year’s Resolution sealed with a KISS!

Time Crunch Workouts from 10-15 minutes from TheFatGuyTheFitGuyTheBEAST

Video Blogs by TheFatGuy thanks to Total Gym:

Latest Video Blog from TheFatGuy and Total Gym!

The Gym That NEVER Closes

Advanced Home Workout with Todd Durkin

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Mike Campbell “The Fat Guy”

What TheFatGuy CAN DO!

Be the BEST YOU!




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