TheFatGuy Rules

Establish Life Rules to Keep Your Journey on Course

As a follow up to TheFatGuy Pledge, I came up with TheFatGuy rules. I needed to put these in place as a set of rules for TheFatGuy to keep him/ME on track. These are tools to help TheFatGuy to continue to outdistance and outweigh 53 years of bad lifestyle habits.

  1. Take care of ME!I need to take care of ME so I can be the best ME for everyone I care about in MY life. My wish to you is that You Take Care of You! Making time to take care of yourself is not a selfish thing. It is needed so YOU can be the best YOU.
  2. Wake up each day to HAW> Honesty, Attitude, WaterHonesty is the key to change. Self-honesty is the toughest honesty of all and most rewarding. Be honest about what you did well and not so well. Learn & grow. Choosing a positive Attitude each morning leads to good choices during the day! I know if I have a bad attitude, I make bad choices! Drink at least 1/2 ounce of Water per pound of body weight per day.
  3. KISS- Keep it Short and Simple or Keep it Simple, Stupid! (as my dad and I say)- Keep It Simple Stupid is something I work to live by to this day. My dad and I had this conversation in my early twenties. With all of our  discussion about management theory, KISS is what stuck with ME! Always start with simple!
  4. SHARE MY Success and watch it buildSharing any success I have with others not only might help them, it helps TheFatGuy to continue to develop healthy lifestyle habits! It reinforces the good behavior I am working to achieve.
  5. Write It! (Log, journal, whatever works)- To continue to change my years of bad habits to healthy habits, I log daily! You can see some of what I log at . Daily logs, blogging, and journaling help TheFatGuy to learn and grow.
  6. Visualize it! I always work to visualize where I want to be and develop a strategy to get there. I did it with MY weight, projects at work, and life projects. It works!
  7. Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!- Living is something a did not feel I was doing in 2009. I did not feel energized or alive. I was a train wreck! Now I breathe in life daily and try to live it to its fullest. Loving was a thing I did not do well at 360 pounds. I do not feel I loved who I was or what I had become. I was not in a good place to Love God and  the people in my life the way they deserved from ME. I work to be the person I want to love each day and always remember to express my love for God and others every chance I get. Losing -I had to not only Lose 150 pounds of burdensome weight, I needed to lose ALL of the personal baggage each day to continue living and growing in a positive direction. I work to Lose any negative baggage on a daily basis. Laughing–  I did not Laugh much in 2009, period. Now I Laugh at myself and try to Laugh with others every chance I get. It just plain feels good.

I put these in place as rules this year to help TheFatGuy better stay on track. After a tough 2011, I am down 32.4 pounds from January 1, 2012. All of this in large part to developing rules to live by that make sense to ME. These rules are helping TheFatGuy annihilate 32 years of adult bad habits!

Note to ME and YOU: Establish Life Rules to keep your journey on track and moving in a positive direction!