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TheFatGuy can help you with your journey. He has a healthy nutrition system that will change your life!  Contact me now to start your journey TODAY!

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FREE eBook > Fat Guy Diary: Out of the Fire

Why FREE? As TheFatGuy, I struggled with how to help people with my journey, how to continue to do my volunteer work, and how to start a new career/chapter in my life. My journey has introduced me to many individuals seeking HOPE, DIRECTION, and a PATH ‘Out of the FIRE!’

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Nutritional Rebalancing 

Nutritional Rebalancing is not a DIET! Lose fat, toxins, and gain lean muscle with TheFatGuy!

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Coaching and Guiding

If you are interested in getting in shape and need help, CONTACT ME at [email protected] I will be glad to send you a rate sheet. I can teach you how to workout without hitting THE GYM AND SIGNING UP FOR THOSE LENGTHY MEMBERSHIP COMMITMENTS. Workout at home, outside, wherever you want!

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 Speaking Engagements and Appearances

TheFatGuy is available to engage your audience with inspiration and education, giving impetus to living a healthy lifestyle.

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