HAW, I get it!

HAW, I get it! A new and good friend told me this as Camp Kemo officially ended this weekend. He and I had talked about living life and life philosophies which included discussing HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water).

This person had positive energy about him and had a great attitude. We talked about having people in our lives that have more talent or expertise in certain areas to improve our lives. People that can help us learn and grow. As he put it, if you play basketball against an opponent you can always beat you will not improve your skills. Seeking out successful people to learn from is necessary to continue to improve your life and what you want to do in life. I have learned a great deal in life from the people around me by keeping my eyes open!

The main thing this person shared with me was how he starts his day. He thinks of three things to have gratitude for from the day before or in life. This helps him have a positive attitude for the day. I loved this idea! What a great way to jump start the 'A' in HAW. I have just started plugging this into HAW. As I get up and start my day I take an Honest look at what I did the day before. I evaluate what I did well and not so well. Now as, I do that evaluation, I list out three things I have gratitude for from the day before. That definitely kick starts a positive attitude for ME!

I have gratitude for many things, but on this day I have gratitude for Woody sharing his two sons, Todd and Matt, with Camp Kemo and for his two sons sharing their dad with us! I thank Matt for his positive message and helping improve my message to ME. I thank Todd for a GREAT video!

Note to ME and YOU: Have gratitude for three things in your life each morning to kick start your positive attitude for that day!


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