KISS- Keep It Short & Simple! or my favorite to ME: Keep It Simple Stupid!

Habit: an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

Good/Bad, You Choose!

Good/Bad, You Choose!

This past week was a week of constant stress and emotion. It was a week off log for me and a week Polly continued to log. Polly’s dad passing on March 31st was an emotional roller coaster for Polly and me. I allowed myself to go off log for the week and it was a week of ugly eating habits coming back to the surface with other bad habits creeping in that ended in a 8 pound weight gain.  Polly maintained her weight and has seen a consistent weight loss since mid-November. She is down 15 pounds since starting to log her daily food intake.

This all brings to light the need for healthy habits in my life. I know that 32 years of adult bad eating habits have not been erased by 2 years of smarter choices, good habits, and logging. It would not take me long to return to obesity, diminished health, and 7 drugs I do not want to bring back into my life. As I look around, read, and study my issues, I see that we all revert to those ‘almost involuntary behavior patterns’ (yes, habits) that we unconsciously revert to in times of stress. It can be VERY HARD to deal with these ‘bad habits’.

Good News! Although it can be hard to deal with years of unhealthy or bad habits, they can be changed. This past week is a good example. If I had stayed on log I would have stayed around 219.2 pounds instead of jumping up to  227.6 pounds. I went back on log yesterday and  know I will find myself back on the proper path. I work to Keep It Simple (KISS) knowing it is hard. The log helps me to move back to simple. Many times in life I/We come up with elaborate fixes to hard problems and bad habits. That seldom if ever works, at least for me. Going back to the log (fatguydiary that is) and Keeping It Simple helps me to combat those years of bad habits that are so hard to shed and so easy to give into in difficult and stressful times.

Note to ME and YOU: Work daily to develop your healthy life habits and Keep It Simple (KISS)!


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