I have always been a person that wanted to do good things in his life and have FUN along the way. The person in this photo is ME at 360 pounds at Camp Kemo in June 2008. We were training counselors and having FUN doing it. Issue for ME was FUN had turned into work. A Camp friend of mine took this photo and Facebooked it to me this week. Her comment was Big Mike (could his face be any redder?). It was a spot on comment!

The Red Face said more than she realized. The Red Face was a person struggling through a course of FUN icebreaker activities for counselors. The Red Face was a 360 pound guy with various health issues and taking 7 different medications to control those issues. The Red Face was a guy working way too hard to have FUN! I was working way too hard to enjoy life and a week that is so special to ME each year, Camp Kemo.

I now realize that FUN and enjoying life should not be so hard. Even as I challenge myself now with TheFatGuy Refocus I am having FUN with life. I enjoy all of the little moments that I missed when I was struggling with ME at 360 pounds. My FUN comes easier, my smiles are bigger, and I enjoy so many more of those FUN moments in life.

Having FUN and enjoying my journey is a BIG part of my success. I enjoy every moment and have FUN every chance I can. I have done new and FUN things. I have applied for Big Brother and Survivor and had FUN doing it. I have had FUN enjoying a day with Polly thrifting and having a nice meal. I have had FUN sitting in Starbucks experiencing life meeting others as they go through their day. I had great FUN with my family on July 3rd. I embrace and have FUN with moments I was not able to see at 360 pounds. It is almost as if I am learning how to have FUN in life at 55 years old.

TheFatGuy Refocus may be on Day 3 but the FUN has been back in my life for 857 days! It is part of MY journey.  I will have FUN as I challenge myself from now through August 10th of MY Refocus.

Note to ME and YOU:  Have FUN taking care of YOU!


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  1. We were reading each other’s blogs at the same time. 🙂 So glad you are healthy and happy, and having fun. I know the kids at Camp Kemo appreciated you then, and now.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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