Day 343- Down 140.4 pounds!!

I feel great, but these last pounds toward my goal of 150 pounds lost are tough. Polly keeps telling me not to say that because I have said it a lot this week! It feels like I have worked harder on these last pounds than all the others. She is watching out for me and I know she wants me to stay in a positive frame of mind! I love her for that and everything else she does for me!

I continue to be in a positive mindset as I wake up thinking HAW every morning. Yep, I am stuck on HAW and that is what gets me through each day! Honesty, Attitude, plus Water equals HAW. I work to be realistic (honest) with the right amount of positive energy, attitude and water mixed in each day.

It has been tough on all of us this week, especially Polly’s family, as Polly’s mom had some major heart issues and had a pacemaker put in place Friday afternoon in a hospital in Columbia. Polly’s and my brother-in-law (Polly’s sister Sue’s husband) is in the hospital with major surgery, also. It is these times that make me understand that I need to take care of myself so I can best help everyone else. It also helps me to better appreciate and love family. Polly and I have built our relationship based on our strong belief in faith and family. Sometimes I lose sight of that and need to remind myself of the important things in life.

My wish to all of you on Super Bowl Sunday is to have a safe and happy day. Also, be thankful for all of the special people in your life, friends and family.

Loving Life,
The Fat Guy

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