DAY 206- Chocolate Raisins and Squats!

What do chocolate covered raisins and squats have to do with each other? You are probably thinking the Fat Guy, Big Mike, has finally lost his mind!! Well I almost did!!

Foods like chocolate covered raisins got me to 351 pounds in very fine fashion! Exercises like squats have helped me to shed 107 pounds and gone from 54” waist pants to 38” pants. Well, I purchased some chocolate covered raisins for Polly (maybe a few for me) at COSTCO. Yesterday and this morning I ate chocolate covered raisins like I needed them to breathe! You know something; I don’t need them to breathe! I decided to break the cycle late this morning. I went over to the stands at Stoney Field to walk the stands and do some body weight squats. I did 34 reps of walking up and down the stands and then did 157 squats! I did 107 squats in one set to recognize the 107 pounds I have lost to date. I also did it to remind me why I need to stay away from chocolate covered raisins to continue my success on my journey to fitness!

I will slip…………I will get back up……….. I will get back on track. I keep telling people that it ain’t easy but it is simple; if you take in more calories than your body utilizes you gain weight. I had to slam on the breaks this morning, rethink my own philosophy, and revisit HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water). I was honest with myself about the raisins, looked at my attitude toward my journey, and grabbed a big glass of water to reboot my focus and journey.

Start each day with HAW.
• Be Honest with yourself!
• Choose a positive Attitude toward your day and your journey! Make positive choices!
• Drink plenty of Water (at least ½ ounce per pound of weight per day)

Find your journey!

Fat Guy

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