DAY 139- 82 Down with a down and up week!

Well it has been a down and up week. I am taking a hard look at the last couple of days. I have gone by up a few pounds. I think the Chinese Food I had Thursday in Columbia and the fried artichoke I had yesterday at lunch with my parents had a lot more sodium and carbs than I realized. I also realize my water intake has been a little off the past few days.

With that said, I hit the gym early this morning to do a chest and aerobic workout. I plan to bike later and have already started loading up with my water (80 plus ounces so far) today! All this before 11 AM on a Saturday!
The good news is I recognize what makes things work and not for me. I always come back to the 3 things that I keep at the top of my list: positive attitude, honesty with me, and plenty of water.

Oh, I am a Big Brother Junky. Season 11 started a week and a half ago. I am always amazed at how easily people flip on each other. It is one of my vices!

Oh, Polly and I got recognized for our volunteer work with Lasting Impressions (LI) on Thursday. LI is a support group for teens with cancer. It is a program of Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, SC that Polly’s sister got us involved with many years ago. We love being with the teens and learning about life from them.

Enjoy your life and learn from those around you!

Loving Life,
Fat Guy (Michael Campbell)

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